With the rise of social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube and TikTok, we’ve seen a new industry appear — online influencers. These influencers can be doing anything from sharing make-up tutorials or food recipes with followers to carrying out pranks or playing video games. 

A-list influencers like Kylie Jenner reportedly earn over $1 million per sponsored post on Instagram, which shows just how lucrative this career can be. It’s not surprising that social media influencers take care to present themselves well online; whether that’s the way they speak, their video quality or the clothes and jewellery they wear. 

Research suggests that people form a first impression within seven seconds of meeting you, so it’s crucial that online influencers make a good first impression on any potential fans. In this blog post, we share some of the most popular fashion items to help you dress like an Instagram influencer in 2021...

Staple Gold Chain

Following Connell Waldron’s viral gold chain in BBC Three drama Normal People, which saw fans create an Instagram account for the chain that amassed over 175,000 followers, we’ve seen fine gold chains popping up all over social media. 

The chain in question was an 18”, 3mm fine curb chain, but this style can be easily replicated with everything from a fine rope chain to a diamond miami cuban link chain. If you already have some gold chains, why not consider layering them for an even cooler effect?

F.O.G Essentials Tracksuit

If you’ve been on Instagram at all this year, chances are you will have seen an influencer wearing an “Essentials” tracksuits by streetwear brand Fear of God. This popular style is available in muted colours such as black, grey and khaki, and features a classic, high-quality design. Currently sold out at most retailers, you’ll likely have to visit a reseller site like StockX to find these.

White Air Force Ones

Nike’s Air Force One trainers have been an essential fashion item for over three decades. Worn by people from all walks of life, the simple all-white style is one of the best trainers to match any outfit. At just £85, many influencers have even been known to only wear these trainers once before buying a new pair! 

Dior Oblique Down Jacket

This striking puffer jacket by Dior is available in black, grey, purple or light blue and features the signature Dior oblique logo pattern. Like any other attire from the iconic French fashion house, the quality of this piece is incredible thanks to a warm down filling that makes it the ideal winter jacket and well worth the £2,100 price tag.

Single Earring

Single earrings are making a big resurgence in 2021. From crucifix drop earrings to classic diamond stud earrings, we’ve seen male and female influencers alike rocking this trend including the likes of Emma Watson and Lil Nas X. 

Another take on this look is wearing mismatched earrings, which consists of wearing two contrasting earrings. Among the most famous examples of this style are the Memory & Dream of Autumn Leaves earrings, which sold for £45 million in 2017.

Nike x Drake NOCTA

Arguably the biggest musician in the world right now, Drake’s recent collaboration with Nike to create the new NOCTA clothing line has been a thing of dreams for influencers. With brand new NOCTA-branded tracksuits, puffer jackets, baseball caps, gloves and socks, there’s something for everyone here. Unfortunately, the original release sold out in a matter of days so you’ll need to visit the likes of StockX to add this range to your wardrobe.

Designer Watch

From Patek Philippe to Cartier, designer watches have long been popular amongst celebrities and online influencers. In particular, Swiss designer watches such as Rolex have been known as the go-to luxury accessory to complete any outfit, as well as making for a great investment piece. Of course, the signature green Rolex box will undoubtedly catch the attention of your Instagram followers too!

Louis Vuitton Colourful Keepall

Louis Vuitton travel bags have always been popular amongst influencers and celebrities, but this unique, colourful take on the traditional Bandouliere 50 Keepall has been particularly popular in the last year. With travel restrictions expected to be loosened by late spring in the UK, this LV monogram-embossed PVC bag is perfect for any Instagram photos. It will certainly catch people’s eyes when you’re in the airport too!

Iced Out Pendant

Finally, alongside the rise in popularity of gold chains there has been a huge resurgence of iced out jewellery, particularly amongst the hip-hop community. Take inspiration from the likes of 2 Chainz, Headie One or even Jesse Lingard with their stunning iced out pendants.


What’s your favourite influencer fashion trend of 2021 so far? We’d love to hear! Why not let us know on Instagram or Facebook?

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