With proposal season almost at an end, that means only one thing — wedding planning season is in full swing! And with many couples forced to delay their summer 2020 weddings, there are likely to be more weddings than ever over 2021 and 2022. With this in mind, we expect to see the cost of weddings increase even further than it already has in recent years. 

Financially-savvy couples may already be saving money by ditching the morning coffee or Friday night takeaways, but it shouldn’t just stop there. In this blog post, we share 11 ways to save money on your wedding, from creating your own decor to avoiding a Saturday wedding day.

Get Married On A Weekday

The number one trick in any wedding budgeting guide is to get married on a weekday. As venues generally have less bookings between Monday and Friday, you can expect huge savings if you get married during the week. The one downside is that guests will have to take time off work, but for the savings it’s totally worth it. If you can’t do a weekday, you could still save an average of £1,679 by avoiding getting married on a Saturday.

Create DIY Decor

The price of wedding decor can add up fast. If you’re looking for some creative fun during lockdown, whilst saving money, then why not just create your own? This could be anything and everything from a DIY seating chart and handmade name cards, to creating your own centerpieces and “Just Married'' signs. There’s loads of easy wedding DIYs that could lead to big savings.

Ask For Help

Do you have any friends or family with skills that could be useful at your wedding? Maybe your auntie takes photos in her spare time or your best friend owns an Instagram-worthy cake business? If so, enlisting their help can be a really easy way to save money on your big day. If you’re feeling lucky, you could even ask them to help out free of charge in return for not buying you a wedding gift.

Buy Second Hand Wedding Rings

Did you know that diamonds can lose as much as 80% of their value as soon as you leave the store? This is just one of the reasons why, in recent years, more couples are choosing to buy second hand engagement rings. Not only does this mean you can avoid this decrease in value, but with a pre-owned ring, you’re essentially getting the same quality at a significantly lower price. If you missed this trick while selecting your engagement ring, you can save on your most important pieces of jewellery with a polished and fully-refurbished second hand wedding band.

Use Credit Card Rewards

If you haven’t already, make sure to get a rewards credit card before making any wedding-related purchases. These credit cards offer rewards points that can be converted into vouchers for shops, hotels, restaurants or even cashback. The rewards points start to grow fast when spending thousands of pounds on your wedding and honeymoon preparations. You can find the latest deals and up-to-date information on Money Saving Expert.

Don’t Use Highstreet Suppliers

Where possible, shop for your wedding supplies at local or independent shops. You’ll generally be able to find things at a much lower price than on the highstreet, whilst also getting better service and attention-to-detail. In addition, you’ll be supporting your local community, which always can make your wedding feel even more special.

Create Your Own Playlist

Did you know that live bands charge anywhere between £800-2,000 for wedding bookings, and DJs anywhere between £200-500? With this in mind, ditching the professional entertainment and creating your own Spotify playlists can be a great way to save money at your wedding. If you’re struggling for ideas, check out this list of most requested wedding songs. Just make sure you don’t forget to pick songs for the special moments such as walking down the aisle and the first dance!

Borrow From Friends

Have any of your friends recently been married? Or maybe they have a wedding planned around the same date as yours? If so, a really easy way to save money is to borrow anything from decor to furniture from your friends. If you’re both comfortable with it, you could even pre-plan which items to share between your weddings and simply split the cost.

Buy Wedding Jewellery On Finance

Whether you buy your engagement ring, wedding band or other items of wedding jewellery from an independent jeweller or a highstreet store, as with most high-value purchases, it’s likely that you’ll have the option to buy it using finance. By choosing this option, you can spread payments across a period that suits you (usually between 6-36 months), with varying interest rates up to 18.9% APR*. This can be a great way to free up your short-term wedding budget to spend on other things.

*18+, T&C’s apply. Click here for more information.

AirBnb It

Instead of spending thousands of pounds on a private venue for your wedding, why not keep it simple and book a house using AirBnb? There are some real hidden gems that would make for the perfect summer wedding, all available at just a fraction of the price of a hotel or country manor house. Just remember, unless the location you choose is licenced, you may need to have a separate official ceremony to officially tie the knot.

Trim The Guestlist

If all else fails, one surefire way to save money on your wedding is to slowly remove names from the guestlist. With many venues charging per-head, it’s not at all rare to see thousands of pounds in savings from removing just a fraction of your guestlist. Depending on how you envision your wedding, you could save by eloping or by making it a family-only event.


Are you planning your wedding? Or did you recently have your wedding? We’d love to hear any other budgeting tips that you have! Why not share them with us on Instagram or Facebook?

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