Can you believe that 2021 is just around the corner? For most of us this will come as a relief; with an opportunity to rest our mind and body over Christmas, before heading into the New Year fully revitalised. While for the trend setters, it’s a chance to get ahead, discover the latest styles and revamp your jewellery box.

The state of jewellery has evolved a lot over the last ten years, from the rise in popularity in men’s jewellery to the focus on colour coordinating outfits based on a single piece of jewellery. Moving into 2021, we expect to see the jewellery industry shift again, with some exciting new trends emerging.

In this blog post, we take a look at the top jewellery trends for 2021.

Fine Gold Chains & Bracelets

Fine jewellery, also known as minimalist or thin jewellery, has been particularly popular in recent years for women’s jewellery; more so in necklaces and bracelets. However, in 2021 we predict to see a huge increase in the popularity of fine gold chains and bracelets, across both men’s and women’s jewellery. 

This is partially due to the fact that jewellery is becoming more ingrained into popular culture and our fashion senses — and also maybe somewhat to do with the viral sensation of Connell’s Chain. In turn, people are searching for a wider variety of jewellery, including more subtle styles that can be worn every day. 

These intricate chains and bracelets also make a great option for first-time buyers, as they are generally more affordable than heavy chains. Due to the incredible craftsmanship that goes into some of these pieces, especially Italian gold, most fine gold chains can even be used to wear smaller pendants.

Investment Jewellery

Did you know that the price of gold hit an all-time high in August 2020? If you invested £10,000 in gold in January 2020, your investment would now be worth just under £12,000. In fact, if you invested £10,000 in gold back in 2006, your investment would now be worth over £43,000*. 

The price of gold almost always increases in times of economic uncertainty, where other investments such as stocks and real estate may be less reliable. With the way that 2020 has shaped up, it’s no surprise that jewellery and gold investment is more popular than ever. Although things are already looking much brighter for 2021,  we expect this trend to continue into the new year and beyond. 

*Figures correct as of 15.12.2020

Iced Out Pendants & Hip Hop Jewellery

As the popularity of hip hop continues to grow it has even more influence on fashion and popular culture, particularly in the UK. With people from all backgrounds and ages listening to the likes of D Block Europe, OFB and Tekashi 6ix9ine, these artists’ different fashion styles can be seen in the clothes and jewellery worn by many millennials and young adults; from Dior runners to iced out gold pendants. 

In 2021, we see the popularity of hip hop jewellery growing at an even faster rate than 2020 — driven by the continual growth of hip hop culture. We predict some of the most popular styles for next year will include quirky iced out pendants, chunky iced out rings and sleek iced out bracelets.

More Online Shopping

With the whole UK required to stay at home for the best part of 2020, we’ve all got a lot more comfortable with ordering things from our phones and laptops. This is in part because we’ve been forced to, but also because it’s a lot easier to search through a wider variety of products and find special offers or discounts. In addition, you don’t even need to move from the sofa!

Of course, that’s not to say that shopping on the highstreet doesn’t still have its advantages. There’s something about the experience of visiting a jewellery shop and trying on different styles of jewellery in person that just can’t be replicated online. Especially when you can have a full day out in the beautiful areas of Hatton Garden and central London too.

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