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Need money for Christmas? Pawnbroking is the way!

Need money for Christmas? Pawnbroking is the way!

With the festive season just around the corner, thousands of families will be footing the bill for Christmas. If you’re in need of a little extra cash for the holidays, why not consider a pawnbroking service to deliver the cash you need?

Pawnbroking provides a relatively simple and fast way to cover the additional expense of Christmas. This is the perfect solution for reducing the strain which is inevitably put on even the most robust of budgets.


Pawning jewellery

What can be pawned?

An instant cash loan can be secured against high value jewellery items such as gold & platinum, diamond jewellery and high end, prestigious watches. This provides a fairly quick and pain free method of gaining extra cash when you need it the most. The whole process is simplified, making it incredibly easy to take out a pawn shop loan.

How does it work?

Pawnbroking allows you to take a loan against the value of your jewellery. Simply decide which items you wish to pawn or sell and talk to one of our experts. They are always on hand to offer impartial and timely advice to ensure you receive the best service. Simply bring your high value items to our Hatton Jewellers store for valuation and a price will be agreed. You will need to sign for your money if accepted.

Our loans range from £50 – £15,000 all of which are renewable. We strive in providing you with the finest customer service and very often our loans do not require income or credit checks. If accepted, we may lend at 90{b6e1588a7b05ee3a5b7e9879b7c17186bc247e930b1f92abc179275243fa3ca2} of your goods pre-owned market value. If you decide you wish to pawn your jewellery, you will remain the owner of the items throughout the duration of the loan contract. Once it is repaid in full, your jewellery will be returned to you.

What do you need?

To secure a loan against jewellery, you will need sufficient identification to prove your identity and address details which are basic requirements for all pawnbroking services. Once you have registered and submitted your documentation, you will be provided with a pawnbroking card for future use, meaning you don’t have to provide ID each time you wish to secure a loan. Your details will be stored digitally for when you return for the most helpful and effective pawnbroking.

We take the utmost pride in making sure our Pawnbroking service is as flexible as can be, saving you time and money, giving you the option to redeem your jewellery in affordable amounts.

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