Solid gold bracelets are a staple within many women’s jewellery collections as they are the perfect accessory for casual wear, social occasions and formal events. Whether it’s a yellow gold belcher bracelet to lift your work outfit or a fancy design bracelet to flash whilst out for drinks with friends, they are extremely versatile pieces of jewellery.

In this blog, we’ll delve into some of the most popular women's solid gold bracelets that are great to flaunt with all of your summer attire this season.

Women’s Gold Bracelet Styles?

At Hatton Jewellers our collection boasts some of the most popular styles of women's bracelets. Each design will help you create a different look and by experimenting with different pieces, you can find a combination which suits you.

Bangles - A bangle is a specific type of gold bracelet which is rigid in design, unlike traditional bracelets which are flexible. A bangle typically doesn’t feature links and instead just consists of a single metal band - sometimes with an opening clasp.

Belcher Bracelets - These feature distinct links, often broad D-shaped links which create a bold look. Available in iced out designs or plain solid gold, belcher chains provide a distinct look and have been popular since the 18th century. 

Curb Bracelets - Designed with a unique twisted-link style, curb bracelets sit flush against the wrist due to the flat-pressed links which are joined closely together.

Rope Bracelets - As one of the more intricate designs available, rope bracelets are all about the finer level of detail. The links are designed to resemble the threads of real rope, tightly woven into a detailed, twisted style. 

Cuban Bracelets - A prominent and assertive choice - Cuban bracelets are a real statement piece. The large links are tightly locked together, creating a distinctive and durable look.

Fancy Design Bracelets - this type of bracelet isn’t defined by a specific style and can often feature multiple different link types. However, they do typically feature more than one colour of gold, leading them to be sometimes referred to as two-tone bracelets.


Experimenting With Different Colours Of Gold

Gold bracelets are the perfect accessory to flaunt with summer attire, whether it be a stylish dress, t-shirt or poolside attire. However, as there are many different colours of gold available, you’ll need to experiment to find one which suits you. 

Yellow Gold

A stunning look which is impossible to get wrong! Yellow gold jewellery looks great when contrasting with plain colours such as white or black t-shirts, as this brings attention directly to your accessory. If you’re opting for a summer dress, a yellow gold bracelet can offer the perfect finishing touch to your neckline. 

Rose Gold

This is a shade of gold which has only gained popularity as a mainstream option over the last 10 years, leading many to choose it over more classic options. Rose gold is also considered to be more feminine, allowing women to style even the most bold jewellery piece with a softer touch.

White Gold

A great alternative to yellow and rose-coloured pieces, white gold is simple but effective. Choosing this colour gold allows you to get really creative with your summer outfits without worrying about clashing colours. Similarly, white gold can be paired with other colours of gold too, working as the perfect accentuating piece. When the weather gets hot, white gold can help provide some cooling tones to your outfit, helping you pick the freshest outfits throughout the summer.


Styling Gold Bracelets For Different Occasions

The beauty of having an eclectic collection of jewellery is that it gives you the luxury of having a variety of pieces at your fingertips for every occasion. Here are a few of our tips on how to style gold bracelets for different occasions.

Casual days out

For a casual look, a single bracelet can be a subtle, understated way of adding some style to an informal look. Often, plain gold bracelets are the most popular option, with some choosing to stack the bracelets in their collection for a more bohemian look.

Heading into the office

Bracelets can be the perfect way of accessorising your work outfit without creating too much ‘noise’. If you don’t want to opt for heavy iced out bracelets to wear around the workplace, lighter bracelets can be a great choice. Rope bracelets are a great option in this scenario as they’re not too overpowering whilst maintaining a noticeably classy style. 

Meeting up with friends

Heading out for a night on the town or making an appearance at a social event are the times that you can get really creative. Why not lean into your more extravagant side and pair an iced out bracelet with some other pieces of bold jewellery? Similarly, if you have a bold bracelet in your collection, such as a Cuban bracelet, now is your time to pair it with your favourite ‘going out’ fit. 


Hatton Jeweller’s Top Summer Bracelet Picks

We’ve plucked out a few of the most popular women’s solid gold bracelets for the summer season. If you’re not sure what bracelet to choose to parade out in the sun, this list can point you in the right direction. 

Follow in others' footsteps and bag one of the pieces below for yourself, or use them as inspiration to find your own accessory, our aim is to guide you to a bracelet that you’re going to fall in love with.

9ct White Gold Solid Classic Italian Made Bevelled Curb Chain - 3.7mm

9ct Yellow Gold Italian Made Spiga Bracelet - 7" - 2.5mm - Ladies

9ct Yellow Gold Solid Italian Figaro Bracelet- 2.25mm- 7" -Ladies

9ct Yellow Gold Solid Italian Curb Bracelet - 5mm 7.25" - Ladies


See anything you like? If you’re not quite sure which one to choose, why not explore our full women’s bracelet collection, you may just lock eyes with your dream jewellery piece. 


Shopping With Confidence At Hatton Jewellers

At Hatton Jewellers, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s most trusted jewellers. We aim to uphold this by offering top-class customer service and ensuring that every solid gold piece comes with an official UK hallmark stamp and a certificate of authenticity. We also strive to continually provide a diverse range of jewellery to offer the widest range of choices possible.

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