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Gemstone Ring FAQs

From care tips to cut types, we’ve covered some of the most frequently asked questions about gemstone rings. 

How do I care for my gemstone ring?

Once you have your gemstone ring, you’ll want to ensure that it maintains an immaculate appearance. 

For this, we recommend that you:

- Do not wear your gemstone ring whilst performing household tasks such as cleaning, gardening and baking to avoid chemicals and dirt. 

- Remove your ring when exercising, playing sports or swimming to prevent the ring from being loosened or the gemstone being chipped. 

- Avoid chemicals such as hairspray or perfume getting onto your gemstone.

When not wearing your ring, we advise that you keep it safely in a padded box or soft cloth bag. For more top tips on how to store your jewellery, check out our blog

How do I clean my gemstone ring?

If your gemstone ring becomes dirty, returning it to its dazzling state is simple. We advise using warm water, a soft brush and a mild detergent.

For the brush, any toothbrush marked ‘soft’ or ‘extra soft’ will do, however, toothbrushes with medium or hard bristles should be avoided as this may scratch your gemstone. As for the detergent, avoid anything containing ammonia. 

For further advice on maintaining your gemstone’s sparkle, read our cleaning guide

What size of gemstone ring should I buy?

As people all have differently sized fingers, no one ring can fit everyone. This means that before you can select one of our beautiful gemstone rings, you will need to know your ring size in order to choose one that fits you perfectly. Take a look at our ring size guide for help with this. 

What cut of gemstone ring should I buy?

The gemstones for our rings come in a gorgeous range of cuts. 

- Brilliant Cut is a popular choice, thanks to its numerous facets, which result in a glittering appearance.

- Princess Cut is similarly popular. This is an inverted pyramid shaped cut which has a square shaped face with sharp and eye-catching edges.

- Square-shaped, also known as the Cushion Cut, has more rounded corners for a soft and sophisticated look. 

- The Emerald Cut is also timeless, with a more rectangular shape and cut-off edges.

- Oval Cut gemstone rings are, as the name suggests, a sleek and elegant oval shape. 

Can I resize my gemstone ring?

If your gemstone ring no longer fits, resizing is always an option. Due to the softness of gold as a metal, our gold gemstone rings are far easier to resize than rings of many other materials. You can consult our resizing guide for further advice on this. 

If you decide that resizing is the option for you, visit our new Chelmsford showroom, where jewellery can be expertly resized in our workshop. 

Can gemstone rings be engagement rings?

Our stunning gemstone rings are a perfect option for an engagement ring. Whilst diamond rings are a classic choice, a ruby gemstone ring, sapphire gemstone ring or emerald gemstone ring are all equally elegant options.

To help you make your decision, we’ve provided a guide to engagement rings as well as a list of things to consider when picking the perfect ring.

What colours of gemstone rings are there?

At Hatton, we offer an absolute rainbow of gemstone colours. From deep purple amethysts to vibrant blue sapphires, ravishing red rubies, and gorgeous green emeralds, you’re sure to find a gemstone ring that perfectly complements your colour palette. 

Simply read our gemstone guide to learn about the vast array of high quality jewels you can buy. 

Why choose Hatton Jewellers? 

With Hatton, you’re entitled to UK delivery on all purchases over £100 as well as a 30-day guarantee on returns and exchanges. We also offer a 0% Finance option on all rings over £560, delivered through our partnership with Humm Finance.

We proudly offer first-class customer service both online and in our London store, so if you have a single question or concern, don’t hesitate to call or message our team.

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