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Men’s Jewellery FAQs

What men’s gold chains can I buy?

Hatton Jeweller’s exceptional collection of men’s gold chains offers a wealth of suave, sleek styles:

  • Figaro chains: These intriguing chains feature rows of two or three small links interspersed with long oval links
  • Foxtail chains: Named for the flared-out fur of a fox’s tail, this chain is made of two rows of oval links at an angle to one another connected by flat rings in the centre
  • Curb chain: This attention-grabbing chain is made of flattened and twisted links
  • Belcher chain: The broad, oval links of this chain are nothing short of iconic, particularly in hip-hop culture
  • Miami Cuban chain: A classic chain, the links of a Miami Cuban chain are filed flat to interconnect tightly
  • Rope chain: As the name suggests, the links of this chain are wound together in a rope-like fashion
  • Mariner chain: Taking inspiration from nautical chains, a solid bar is situated in the centre of the oval links
  • Byzantine chain: Numerous links are wound and connected at angles in a Byzantine chain for a dynamic and interesting pattern
  • Snake chain: Sleek and subtle, tightly woven thin links form the flexible and slender snake chain
  • Singapore chain: Disc-shaped links are twisted like a rope in this effortlessly decadent chain
  • Spiga chains: Oval links twisted into a striking figure eight create the Spiga chain, also known as the wheat chain thanks to the pattern resembling wheat in a field 

How do I style a men’s necklace?

Men’s necklaces have several styling options. A plain men’s gold chain is effortless, or a pendant can be added to grab attention. Explore religious pendants, gleaming iced-out pendants and charm pendants.

Men’s necklaces are striking when laid over a plain black or white t-shirt or polo neck. They also pair effortlessly with buttoned shirts. Simply leave the top few buttons of your shirt undone to display the necklace fully. 

Our detailed gold chain style guide can help you to explore more styling options. 

What men’s bracelets can I buy?

Hatton Jewellers boasts many exquisite men’s bracelet styles:

  • Rolex bracelets: With these strong, statement bracelets, wide centre links are bordered by narrower links in the style of a Rolex watch
  • ID bracelets: These bracelets have a flat, solid gold plate, perfect for engraving
  • Miami Cuban bracelets: The links of this bracelet are filed flat to interconnect more tightly in a style popular within hip-hop culture
  • Curb bracelet: These bracelets have links which lie flat due to flattening and twisting, offering a masculine elegance
  • Belcher bracelets: Crafted from broad oval links, these classic bracelets balance boldness with simplicity
  • Byzantine bracelets: These contain many links at different angles for a visually intriguing pattern
  • Mariner bracelets: Each oval link of these bracelets has a solid bar down the centre, inspired by boat chains 
  • Foxtail bracelets: The slanted oval links of this bracelet are connected by smaller circular links creating the flared appearance of a fox’s tail

How do I style men’s bracelets? 

A single bracelet exudes sophistication, but bracelets can be effortlessly layered to truly draw the eye. Pair a slender gold bracelet and a dazzling iced-out bracelet, or layer a bracelet with your watch for added style and a touch of luxury. 

Discover our bracelet style guide for more advice on wearing men’s bracelets.

What men’s rings can I buy?

If you’re looking for a stylish and striking men’s ring, we offer various options.

  • Saddle ring: At the centre top of this bold ring, the metal widens into a shape like that of a horse’s saddle 
  • Buckle ring: This intriguing men’s ring has the appearance of a golden belt wrapped around the finger
  • Pyramid ring: As the name suggests, these rings have an eye-catching pyramid shape at the top, which can be iced out, plain or engraved
  • Cuban ring: This gorgeous ring mimics the link pattern of a Cuban chain 
  • Claddagh ring: This traditional Irish ring features two hands holding a crowned heart
  • Knot ring: As the name suggests, the metal of this ring forms a stunning golden knot in the centre-top
  • Keeper ring: This thick and solid ring has a chased pattern, adding attention-grabbing texture
  • Signet ring: The wider plate-like area in the top centre of this ring can be left plain, engraved, or studded with a gemstone

How do I style men’s rings?

A single statement ring on one hand is perfect for adding a touch of gold to your look whilst keeping your accessorising simple. However, if you aim to capture attention, rings on multiple fingers will gleam in unison to draw eyes around you. 

Stacking rings on a single finger can also be a magnificent way to style rings. Keep a valuable gemstone ring secured on your finger with a plain gold band on top. 

Why buy your men’s jewellery from Hatton Jewellers? 

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