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Choose your ideal piece of heavy jewellery from our extensive range. Discover Miami Cuban link chains, curb chains, rope chains and more in our collection of heavy gold chains. There’s something to fit every style.

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Explore our sparkling range of heavy iced out jewellery. From iced out chains to diamond rings, you’re sure to find a piece that will match your style perfectly. Adding some iced out jewellery to your collection is sure to add a touch of bling whether you’re out on the town or going for a more laid-back look.

Heavy Gold Jewellery FAQs

How do I care for my heavy jewellery?

Keep your heavy jewellery from being damaged by chemicals by removing it during:

  • Cleaning
  • Showering
  • Swimming
  • Applying hairspray or perfume

You should also remove your heavy jewellery during manual labour, such as gardening, to prevent scratches.

How do I clean my heavy gold jewellery?

To keep your heavy jewellery pristine, create a mixture of mild, ammonia-free detergent and warm, not hot, water. Soak your heavy jewellery in this solution for ten minutes. Then, use a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush over it gently. Finally, pat dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Read our guide to cleaning and caring for your jewellery for further advice. 

What types of heavy chains can I buy?

At Hatton Jewellers, we have a decadent selection of heavy chains.

  • Miami Cuban Jewellery: These bracelets and necklaces are made of flat and rounded links which are interconnected tightly. They are most commonly associated with the hip-hop aesthetic. 
  • Curb chains: These chains are made up of round or oval links twisted to lie flat, allowing them to catch the light dazzlingly.
  • Belcher chains and bracelets: Our heavy belcher chains and bracelets are made of broader links of a similar size and shape, usually oval, round, or D-shaped links. 
  • Rope chains: The small links of these chains are wound together in the shape of a rope, catching the light well to create a glistening appearance.
  • Mariner chain: The oval links of this chain type have a solid bar down the centre, inspired by how nautical chains connect to anchors. 
  • Foxtail chain: These chains are made of two rows of links running parallel to one another and connected at an angle, creating the flared appearance of a fox’s tail. 
  • Figaro chain: A figaro chain is made of small circular links with longer oval links in between. 
  • Byzantine chain: This chain is one of the most complex heavy chains we offer, as each link passes through four others for a dynamic appearance. 

See our heavy chain styling tips blog to style your heavy chains immaculately.

What types of heavy rings can I buy?

Hatton Jewellers offers a selection of attention-grabbing heavy rings, including:

  • Pyramid rings: The metal of these rings rises to a point in a pyramid formation.
  • Buckle rings: These heavy rings are decorated with a belt buckle style adornment.
  • Claddagh rings: This traditional Irish heavy ring features two hands holding a crowned heart.
  • Keeper rings: Keeper rings have a chased texture of raised bumps all across it.
  • Boxing glove rings: These rings are topped with either one metal boxing glove or two gloves pressed together.
  • Knot rings: At the top of this heavy ring, the gold is moulded into a knotted shape.
  • Saddle rings: The metal of a saddle ring is stretched wide at the top in a shape similar to that of a horse’s saddle. 
  • Rolex rings: Rolex rings have an oyster bracelet-style pattern emulating the look of a Rolex watch strap.
  • Cuban rings: These rings are inspired by the links of a Cuban chain. 

Is gold jewellery waterproof?

Our gold jewellery is waterproof, so you don’t need to worry about getting your stunning piece of heavy jewellery wet. However, we still advise removing your heavy jewellery when swimming, as chlorine and salt water can both be corrosive and damaging. 

Is gold jewellery a good investment?

Gold jewellery is an excellent investment as the value often increases in times of economic hardship. You can read our guide to investing in gold jewellery to learn more. 

Can anyone wear gold jewellery?

At Hatton Jewellers, we sell exquisite gold jewellery for women and men of all different lifestyles.

With our blend of contemporary and classic styles, there’s a perfect piece for everyone. For example, with our hip-hop-inspired range of heavy jewellery, gold jewellery can become a signature everyday piece to pair with an array of outfits. 

For gentleman buyers, discover our guide to men’s gold jewellery to pick out the perfect piece. 

Why buy your heavy jewellery with Hatton Jewellers?

With Hatton Jewellers, you can spread the cost of your jewellery through trusted brands like Klarna and Humm. Plus, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on returns in the unlikely event that your piece isn’t perfect for you. 

With our jewellery being made in-house, you don’t have to worry about “middleman” fees driving up the cost of your heavy jewellery. On top of this, our commitment to excellent value means that we promise to price match any identical items you find that are cheaper.

Discover more through our blog, guides, and our gold vault page.