Heavy gold chains are a classically versatile piece of statement jewellery, simple enough to wear with several outfits yet chunky and bold enough to grab attention. With many styling options, they’re easy to wear in a unique and personalised manner, making them a must-have piece in many women’s jewellery collections.

In this blog, we’ll cover a number of the striking ways you can make your women’s heavy chains stand out, from ways to wear chunky statement necklaces to styling a chunky bracelet. 

How to Style Chunky Necklaces

A chunky necklace creates an effortlessly bold and powerful look however you wear it.

Wear Your Chunky Necklace as a Standalone Statement

A chunky gold necklace is easily beautiful enough to be worn alone. Simply choose a colour of heavy gold chain that best coordinates with your outfit, be that classically warm-toned yellow gold, cool-toned white gold or pink-tinted rose gold. 

Pair Your Chunky Necklace with Other Heavy Jewellery

Create an all-over heavy jewellery look by wearing your heavy chain alongside statement earrings, heavy bracelets and rings. This look has always been on-trend in hip-hop culture for its attention-grabbing and bold appearance. 

Layer Your Heavy Chain with Lighter Chains

You can create a gorgeously layered look by wearing chunky statement necklaces with other, more delicate chains. Clasp a thin, choker-length chain around your neck, then layer progressively thicker chains underneath for a cascading effect. This plunging look brings an air of luxury to your style.

Layer Textures with Different Types of Heavy Chain

There are multiple styles of heavy chains available, with different link types, which all create a distinct pattern. The wound links of rope chains, oval links of mariner chains, or the flat and twisted links of curb chains - there’s a style for every wearer.

Wearing different chain styles together creates an exciting and eye-catching textural contrast that adds pattern when worn over plainer, block-coloured tops or dresses. 

Colour Contrast Heavy Chains

Wearing multiple chunky statement necklaces of contrasting metal colours is another way to create a dazzling statement look. A white gold chain layered in between two yellow gold chains, for example, breaks up the classic layering with stand-out vibrance. 

How to Style Chunky Bracelets

Heavy chain bracelets add panache to any look. Worn alone, they draw the eye to the wrist and hand area, accentuating the glamour of your manicure or rings

Chunky bracelets look magnificent when layered down the forearm, creating a decadent look. Colour contrast can be an eye-catching option here. Try alternating white gold and yellow gold chunky bracelets for a stunning combination of cool and warm tones.

Solid 9ct Gold Heavy Ornate Belcher Bracelet -12.5mm -9.5" Mens

What Type of Heavy Chain Should I Buy?

If you’ve decided to add a heavy chain to your jewellery collection, you have several options to choose from.

Miami Cuban Chain

Miami Cuban chains have thick, rounded links filed flat to interconnect tightly. This style grew popular in the 1970s hip-hop movement.

Belcher Chains

Belcher chains have broad links, often oval, round, or D-shaped. The links alternate horizontally and vertically for a textured look. 

Curb Chains

The links of a curb chain are twisted to lie flat, creating a tougher, bolder design. 

Mariner Chains

Mariner chains are inspired by the nautical chains seen on boats. The links are oval, with a solid bar down the centre.

Foxtail Chains

Foxtail chains are made from two rows of oval links connected at an angle by flat rings in their centre. This arrangement creates an elegant flared pattern reminiscent of the fur on a fox’s tail.

Figaro Chains

Figaro chains are heavy chains using links of different sizes, with two or three small links interspersed with an elongated oval link. 

Byzantine Chains

For those wanting to stand out, a byzantine chain is perfect. With this chain, numerous chains are wound and connected at various angles, each passing through four others. 

Rope Chains

The links of a rope chain are wound together, creating the appearance of a golden rope, as the name suggests.

What Metal Should I Choose for My Heavy Chain?

When choosing a metal for your heavy chain, you should consider what pairs best with your skin tone and the colours you like to wear. 

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is a classic choice for heavy chains, particularly in hip-hop culture, thanks to its associations with wealth and luxury. These chains often complement warm-toned skin.

White Gold

White gold heavy chains are a gorgeous chunky jewellery option with a strikingly bright sheen. This metal is well-matched to cooler skin tones.

Rose Gold

Rose gold blends gold and copper for an exquisite pink tint. Thanks to its classically feminine appearance, it’s a perfect choice for women’s chunky necklaces and bracelets.

How Do I Care for My Heavy Chain Jewellery?

Keeping your heavy chains in immaculate condition is simple. If you plan on wearing your heavy chain daily, remove it during any activity where it may come into contact with chemicals that can dull the metal. This includes cleaning, showering, swimming and applying perfumes and hairsprays.

You should also remove your heavy chain before activities where it might be scratched, like contact sports. When not wearing your heavy chain, keep it in a soft, lint-free cloth pouch, separate from other chains, to prevent tangling.

How Do I Clean My Heavy Chain Jewellery?

To clean your heavy chain at home, soak it in lukewarm water mixed with mild detergent. Then, gently brush the links with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Avoid using a medium or hard-bristled toothbrush, as these can cause scratches.

We also recommend getting your heavy chain professionally cleaned every six months, a service we offer at our Chelmsford Showroom.

To learn more about caring for your jewellery, read our helpful guide.

Solid 9ct Gold Heavy Ornate Belcher Bracelet -12.5mm

Can I Get My Heavy Chain Jewellery Resized?

If you would like your heavy chain to be longer or shorter, it’s often just a case of adding or removing links, and this is another service available at our Chelmsford Showroom. Read our Jewellery Resizing Guide to learn more.

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