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What is a Keeper Ring?

A keeper ring is a specific design of ring which features a distinctive pattern of small orbs arranged on the top of the ring. Some will feature gemstones, such as diamonds, whilst others are formed simply and sleekly from plain solid gold. 

The historic use of  keeper rings is an issue of contention, with some believing they were simply used to prevent other more valuable rings from being lost. 

However, the more traditional meaning behind keeper rings is that they were used temporarily by lovers who couldn’t afford an engagement ring. This has meant that, for many years, the keeper ring has garnered a warm reputation as a romantic piece of jewellery which signifies commitment to a partner. 

How to Style a Men’s Keeper Ring

Due to the ring often being used in place of an engagement or wedding ring, it’s common for men to wear keeper rings on their ring finger. Taking the place of the traditional jewellery piece, keeper rings can either be worn with romantic connotations or simply as a fashion accessory. 

Some may choose to wear the ring on their middle finger as its size and bold appearance are perfectly placed in the centre of the hand. With such a unique style, keeper rings can be worn solo as a single statement piece, or with other more subtle rings to create a stacked effect.

23 Items

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