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What Is An Iced Out Chain?

The term ‘ice’ became a slang word for diamonds, particularly in the hip-hop community, leading many who wore multiple diamonds on their jewellery to refer to it as ‘iced out’. This term has become more widely used now and is commonly used to categorise any jewellery which features a myriad of diamonds, such as iced out rings, iced out pendants and more.

Whilst other coloured gemstones can be used in iced out pieces, the term specifically refers to diamonds as they resemble ‘ice’, due to their transparency and reflectiveness. If a piece of jewellery has one or a couple of diamonds, whilst they may still be referred to as ‘ice’ they wouldn’t be considered ‘iced out’ as multiple diamonds are required.


How To Style An Iced Out Chain

The first thing to consider when deciding how to style your iced out chain is how the diamonds will look against your clothing. Iced out chains are quite the statement piece, which is perfect as they won’t look out of place amongst other jewellery and extravagant clothing or against a more subtle outfit. Ultimately, the choice is yours and once you’ve found the right chain for you, style it however you think looks best!

If you’re unsure which length of chain may be best for you, explore our Ultimate Guide to Chain Sizes. The longer the chain, the further down it will sit on your chest, whilst a short chain will fit more snug around your neckline.

3 Items

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