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What is Iced Out Jewellery?

The term ‘iced out’ is derived from the slang term ‘ice’ for diamonds popularised by hip-hop artists and rappers. The reason for this nickname is that diamonds mimic the clear and reflective appearance of ice. Iced out jewellery refers to jewellery adorned with multiple diamonds, often covering the entire piece of jewellery.

Our most popular diamond-encrusted pieces include chains, rings, bracelets and pendants. The iced out style makes a real statement and is guaranteed to add an eye-catching finish to any outfit, whether you opt for a minimalist cross / crucifix pendant or a heavy iced out bracelet.

Is Iced Out Jewellery Popular?

Iced out jewellery became popularised by celebrities and music artists as a show of wealth and status. The flashy, extravagant jewellery became synonymous with the hip-hop and rap genre in the 90s but has since become more mainstream and one of the most sought-after styles of jewellery. 

From iced out chains and bracelet combos to rings of ‘ice’ on each finger, wearing iced out jewellery can be an extremely versatile and exciting way of pushing the boundaries of your style.

Items 1-24 of 63

Set Descending Direction