When it comes to luxurious style and statement jewellery, an iced out bracelet is always one of the first accessories that comes to mind. Guaranteed to make sure all eyes are on you, a dazzling and stylish 9ct gold bracelet loaded with gemstones never fails to stand out in a crowd. 

Whether you want to add a flashy hip-hop flavour to your outfit or you’re searching for something subtle that still makes a statement, there’s a look for every occasion. In this blog, we’ll ask what to watch out for in an iced out bracelet, how to style the look for maximum effect, and share our favourite looks for some style inspiration.


An Introduction to Iced Out Bracelets

When it comes to men’s gold chains and bracelets, the iced out style is always a great choice if you want to make a big impression. This classic look has been embraced by some of the world’s greatest style icons, from huge hip-hop and grime artists to the biggest Hollywood A-listers.

A gold bracelet by itself is a conspicuous sign of status, so having it dripping with diamonds really takes things to the next level. That’s what makes an iced out bracelet — this statement piece of jewellery is a gold bracelet encrusted in precious diamonds.  

How Should I Style an Iced Out Bracelet?

The best way to get the most out of a stylish diamond bracelet is to keep your look simple and elegant. Don’t pair the bracelet with another piece of extravagant jewellery that might take attention from the piece you’ve carefully picked out.

An iced out bracelet is always going to look amazing with a dressed-up look, so think about pairing it with a smarter outfit if you want to max out your style. The bracelet will really stand out if you match it with solid block colours, with black or white being our go-to choices. If you’re really looking to cause a stir, try mixing it up with bolder colours like a striking shade of red.

The Freshest Iced Out Bracelet Styles

Now we’ve found out a little more about iced out bracelets and how to make the most of this essential look, let’s explore the individual styles you can choose from. 

Iced Out Belcher Bracelets

Iced Out Belcher Bracelet Hatton Jewellers

Belcher bracelets, sometimes called rolo bracelets, are made up of round links that connect in an interlocked pattern to provide a simple but striking look. When combined with brilliant diamonds and a fine shine, these bracelets are guaranteed to have all eyes on you.

Iced Out Curb Bracelets

A classic heavyweight curb bracelet is always an attention grabber, especially when it’s been iced out. You can identify a curb bracelet by the way its links are locked together so that they can lay flat, but there’s nothing two dimensional about this sparkling style.

Iced Out Miami Cuban Bracelets

Iced Out Miami Cuban Link Bracelet

These distinctive bracelets are bold and chunky, showing off the confidence and style of anyone who steps out wearing one. A 9ct gold gem-set Miami Cuban bracelet is a classic look and a surefire way to be the focal point of any big event.

Iced Out Rope Bracelets

Iced Out Rope Bracelet Hatton Jewellers

If you’re looking for a truly timeless look, a men’s rope bracelet is the perfect way to go — these strong and durable pieces are as stylish as they are long lasting. Why not step things up and go for an iced out style? Because nothing says flair like a flood of diamonds gleaming on your wrist.


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