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Minimalist jewellery is a popular fashion choice and will always have its place, especially when paired with the right outfit. So, if you consider yourself a minimalist, and someone who would suit this style of jewellery, then this is the guide for you. We’re going to take a deep dive into the minimalist ways to style different types of jewellery and specifics about the pieces themselves.

Although minimalism is a popular term used throughout the design and fashion industries, you may be wondering exactly how this translates to jewellery?

What is minimalist jewellery?

Minimalist jewellery channels ‘less is more’ into a style that can give even the simplest of pieces incredible gravitas. This is not to be confused with a minimalist way of wearing jewellery, in which you could catch eyes with one stand-out solo piece. In this case, we’re talking about the piece itself which draws simply on the beauty of the materials used and not an extravagant design.

Rings, chains, bracelets and earrings which feature basic designs and spare the glamorous gemstones would all fall into the minimalist category. This style of jewellery is perfect for those who prefer a more understated look. These types of pieces pair perfectly with a bolder outfit, creating a better balance between your choice of clothes and accessories.


Does minimalist jewellery need to be the same metal?

When it comes to defining your own style, there are very few rules. Finding jewellery which looks good on you and that you feel most comfortable wearing should be your number one priority. This means that if it blends different colours of gold or metal types, don’t let it deter you because of this feature alone.

When shopping for minimalistic jewellery in general, you’re likely to see more pieces that are only one type of metal, such as white gold. However, there are some pieces which may blend another colour of gold, such as yellow, to create a slightly more diverse look. Blending 3 or more colours in the same piece, depending on the subtlety of the design, can lead it out of minimalist territory and into a more extravagant category.

Can I wear multiple pieces of minimalist jewellery? 

You may think wearing multiple pieces of subtly styled jewellery contradicts the minimalist look, but it is in fact a popular method of styling such pieces. As minimalist pieces are typically smaller in size and more softly coloured, stacking bracelets or doubling up on rings won’t create the ‘crowded’ look which works so well with brightly coloured gem-set pieces.


Hatton Jewellers’ Minimalist Jewellery

Now that you have a better understanding of minimalist jewellery pieces and how to style them, let’s look at some pieces from our most popular categories.


Some of our most sought-after minimalist chain styles are rope chains as there are many very thin designs which sit elegantly on the neckline. Not only does it look subtle, when you take a closer look, you can see the intricate detail of the links which are intertwined in a rope-like fashion.


The solitaire ring is one of the most popular minimalist designs as it features a gorgeous gemstone but in a more subtle style. The lack of additional gemstones puts all of the focus on the solo diamond, accentuated by the stunning solid gold band. 


The Italian curb bracelet typically features tight links and no gemstones, which highlights the beauty of the gold. Without an overcomplicated design, this means that this style of bracelet works perfectly as a solo minimalist piece or a supporting piece to other subtle jewellery.


Our plain hoop earrings are a great way of accessorising in a stylish yet classy way. Hoop earrings don’t have to be a huge statement or overpower the rest of your accessories, and with a minimalist style, you can accentuate your facial features in an extremely elegant way.

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