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One of the most popular pieces of jewellery for men in spring is gold chains as they are a stylish way to make a real statement. Wear a rope chain with a t-shirt or a curb chain with an open shirt for both smart and casual looks. If you’re a gold chain fanatic you’ll no doubt have a neat collection already but what new pieces should you add to your collection?

Whether you’re choosing your first gold chain or the latest in a long line, we’re looking at some of the most popular pieces for the season and some styling tips to make sure your fits always hit the mark. 

Which Gold Chain Should You Choose?

There are many styles of gold chains for men, each capable of contributing to different looks. From chunky to thin and long to short, a gold chain can either be the centre of your outfit or simply complement your overall look.

To make your hunt for a spring accessory easier, we’ve picked out a few of our most popular gold chains to make styling seasonal trends effortless. 

Curb Chains

This unique style of chain offers a slight deviation from traditional chain styles, as the links in curb chains are flattened and twisted, meaning that they interlock more tightly. As the links sit closer together, there are smaller gaps between them, meaning not only are curb chains typically more durable but they also have a more compact look.

Our Most Popular Curb Chains

These 9 carat Gold Italian Bevelled Edge Curb Chain - 2.3mm - 20" and Gold Italian Bevelled Edge Curb Chain - 4mm - 22" are two of our most sought-after pieces for spring. Both champion the classic curb chain style while the latter offers a little more in the way of chunkiness and length. 

Rope Chains

The clue is in the name as rope chains look exactly like real rope, with the links twisted together just like threads. This makes rope chains a seriously intricate piece with its beauty only becoming more apparent the closer you look. The interlinked design also means that this style of chain is one of the strongest you can buy, ensuring years of comfortable wear. 

Our Most Popular Rope Chains

These 9 carat yellow gold Italian Classic Thin Rope Chain - 1.9mm - 24" and Italian Classic Thin Rope Chain - 1.9mm - 18" are a great option for those who like a more understated chain. Both can be stylishly paired with both formal and casual wear due to their subtle design.

Foxtail Chain

Foxtail chains are also made with tightly knit links, however, they are traditionally in an oval shape and are slanted into one another. This creates the classic foxtail look and is popular with those who favour intricate and detailed jewellery. Foxtail chains can create the look of a heavy chain without the actual weight or huge price tag to go along with it.

Our Most Popular Foxtail Chains

This 9ct Yellow Gold Italian Franco/Foxtail Chain - 3mm - 24" is one of our most popular pieces and a brilliant finishing touch to add to your spring fit. The recognisable design of the foxtail chain allows you to effortlessly elevate any outfit to make an impact at parties and other social events.

How To Style Your Gold Chain This Spring

Whether you’re someone who likes to be the centre of attention or someone who prefers a subtle, more classy look, we’ve got some great tips to help you style your gold chain this season. A gold chain doesn’t just have to be an accessory you wear at social events, it can be worn just as comfortably with more formal attire. 

With A Shirt

Styling a chain with a shirt can be a great look for the workday. A thin chain with an intricate design works really well when you choose a shorter length. With just the top two buttons undone, you can show off your chain in a subtle way that still looks professional. For a more social setting, drop another button and experiment with a slightly chunkier chain for a bolder look.

With A T-Shirt

A solid gold chain and t-shirt combo is perfect just as the weather starts to get warmer. This combo is super casual and a great way of sporting your chain whilst out for a drink or stroll around the shops. Opting for a white gold chain with a contrasting black top or yellow gold chain with a white t-shirt can make your piece really pop.

With A Jumper

Whilst the days are still a bit cooler, you may want to layer up but that doesn’t mean your gold chain has to be hidden. When styling with a jumper, especially if it’s large, you want to match its size with a heavy chain. A thin chain paired with a heavy knit jumper won’t quite have the same impact as a chain that's around 8mm wide and over 28” long.

With A Jacket

Wearing any of the above combos and adding a jacket into the mix can change the dynamic entirely. As you still want your chain to be a key part of your outfit, you’ll need to get more creative with different lengths and sizes now that there’s another layer in the mix. Iced out chains are always a good option as the inclusion of diamonds helps draw the eye past your clothing and straight to your dazzling statement piece.

Gold Chains At Hatton Jewellers

At Hatton Jewellers, we stock a wide range of gold chains varying from different sizes and lengths to unique styles and gold types. Each chain is made from solid gold, and to give you full confidence when shopping with us, we ensure that every piece features a UK hallmark stamp and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Promises like this have made us one of the country’s most trusted jewellers and with a key focus on our customer offering, we aim to continue providing a top-quality service.

For more insight into popular jewellery pieces and tips on styling, check out the Hatton Jewellers blog or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.