Luxury items exist to bring joy to our lives and you don’t just have to splash out on expensive shopping sprees or flashy cars to enjoy the finer things in life. There are many ways to make your life feel more luxurious, from indulging in handcrafted chocolate to investing in statement jewellery, such as gold chains. Most of us can’t afford to spend our entire life savings in one afternoon of shopping, but you can select a handful of special items without breaking the bank.

In this blog post, we share 15 must-have luxury items to bring extra sparkle to your day. 

A Classic Coffee Machine 

Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning is certainly a treat. When you invest in a top-quality coffee machine, you’ll not only wake up to sweet aromas but you can also start your day with the perfect cup of coffee. The delicious taste of coffee will immediately make you feel relaxed and ready to take on the day ahead. 

Splurge on Statement Gold Chains

From heavy gold chains to fine gold necklaces, the perfect statement piece can complete any outfit. Your options are endless when it comes to gold chains and necklaces. With budgets to suit everyone, it’s never been easier to treat yourself to some gorgeous gold. Investing in a piece of gold will not only add sparkle to your jewellery collection, but its value may even increase in the years to come, leaving you with a very valuable luxury item. 

Indulge in Lavender Oil

Lavender oil has the ability to transform your mood with just a few drops in the bath whilst a fragrant lavender scented pillow spray or organic oil will help aid sleep and leave you feeling completely relaxed. You could also consider a lavender scented candle or oil diffuser to fill your home with floral aromas. Why not add lavender to your luxury lifestyle? 

Invest in a Pair of Diamond Earrings 

A great pair of diamond earrings don’t have to break the bank, but the right pair will add that extra sparkle to your life. From small, simple studs to diamond drop earrings, your jewellery will elevate all of your most glamorous looks. Splurging on a pair of diamond earrings will leave you feeling fabulous and they will last you a lifetime. 

A Pair of Soft Cashmere Socks 

Snuggle up on the sofa with a film, hot chocolate and some fluffy cashmere socks for the ultimate luxury night in. If you can't afford a high-end cashmere jumper, then go for a perfect pair of socks. They will keep your feet warm all year round and make you feel like you’re cosying up in a ski lodge in the French Alps. 

Pop a Bottle of Champagne 

Add some fizz to your day with a glass or two of your favourite champagne. Finding a bottle of champagne you love and enjoy will certainly be worth it. Knowing you have a bottle chilling in the fridge for when you get home will make your day seem extra special and luxurious.

The Perfect Gold Bracelet 

Finish off your stylish looks with a lovely gold bracelet. From chunky gold chains to simple dante bracelets, gold bracelets are the pièce de résistance of luxury items. The ideal gold bracelet can be worn all day, every day and will be the highlight of your jewellery collection. 

Treat Yourself to Luxury Chocolate 

Chocolate can be unforgiving when it comes to quality. Finding the perfect bar can be a challenge, but treating yourself to your favourite bar of chocolate is worth every penny. Whatever flavour you prefer, from indulgent dark chocolate through to a tasty selection box, chocolate is the best remedy for a long, stressful day.

Fluffy Bathrobe and Towels 

Splash out on some new, fluffy bath towels and a robe to add a hotel feel to your home. Wrap yourself in a super-soft robe and experience a life of luxury that you had only dreamed about. Spend your evening relaxing in a nice warm bath, surrounded by scented candles, finished off by cosying up in a fresh set of towels. 

Sleep in Smooth Satin Bed Sheets 

Indulge in a set of smooth, satin sheets for a chic bedroom look. Crisp satin sheets let you experience a luxury lifestyle even while you’re asleep. Popular Instagram influencers and high-end hotels often favour satin bed sets as they are soft, smooth and perfect for a cosy night’s sleep.

A Timeless, Statement Watch 

Watches have become a popular luxury investment over recent years. The options are endless; from sports watches and vintage watches through to platinum and gold designs. Your perfect watch will become a timeless, luxury item. You will never get tired of your signature watch. They are a solid long-term investment which can be enjoyed every day. 

A Tailored Power Suit 

Every man and woman needs a well-tailored power suit, which you can wear to formal events and important business meetings to create a great first impression. It is always better to feel overdressed than to feel underdressed at any important event. You’ll feel fabulous in your tailored suit!

A Handbag for Life 

A luxury handbag really is for life! Fashion trends and styling tastes change over time, but having a timeless designer bag by your side will last you for years. A simple black bag, which can be used both day and night, is the perfect investment. Make sure you establish your budget before you begin searching for your ideal handbag so you don't impulse buy and over spend. 

A Fabulous Diamond Gold Ring 

Shopping for diamond and gold rings is an exciting experience, but don’t let the price tag put you off! If you budget well and take good care of them, they are a great investment that will serve you for a long time. Finding the perfect gold ring will add that luxury touch to your life.

A Luxury Luggage Set

Travel in style with a luxury luggage set. As people are set to spend more time travelling, it’s worth investing in a top-quality luggage set. A luxurious set combined with a holdall suitcase and cabin case will last you a lifetime. 

Living a life of luxury should be weaved into every part of your life from what you travel with to how you relax and cosy up at night.

What are your go-to items when you want to feel a little more luxurious? Why not let us know on Instagram or Facebook?

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