Are you looking to keep up with the latest jewellery trends? 2022 is going to be the year of classic gold hoop earrings and chunky chain necklaces. We’re expecting engagement ring trends to change rapidly throughout the year, so understanding upcoming trends is key when building your luxury jewellery collection.

In this blog post, the team at Hatton Jewellers share the jewellery trends people are already searching for, so you can get ahead of the hottest trends for 2022. 

Are People Already Searching For Their 2022 Jewellery? 

An outfit just doesn’t feel complete without jewellery - a sparkling piece can make even the most casual of looks more chic and sophisticated. Searches for ‘2022 jewellery’ skyrocketed in December, showing that people are already looking for the hottest trends within the jewellery market. From gold hoop earrings and chain necklaces to signet and diamond engagement rings, there is a trend for every jewellery lover in 2022. 


Hoop Earrings Are Back And Bolder Than Ever

Earrings are a staple accessory in many women’s jewellery collections. With different types, styles, shapes and colours available, earring trends are bound to change through 2022. Looking at Google Trends, we found a slight increase in searches for hoop earrings before Christmas and into the New Year, but are hoop earrings here to stay? We think so!

Dramatic, long and hoop earrings are back on the scene. From the red carpet to the high street, we’re seeing hoop earrings everywhere. With different cuts, shapes and sizes, hoops will continue to be a key jewellery piece for your collection. They are super cute for casual looks but they can also add a bit of bling when dressing up. The classic hoop earrings will serve casual chicness with every outfit. 

It’s All About Bling and Colour in The New Year

It’s going to be a colourful 2022! Be bold with pops of colour, gemstones and more throughout the New Year - you’ll find coloured stones mainly in rings, pendants and gemstones on chains. Colour is going to be a huge trend in 2022, just like it has been the past three years. Gemstone jewellery keeps getting bolder and more vibrant as time goes on. In 2022 the trends will be pink, green or blue - to name just a few. We predict colourful pieces will become a must-have in your jewellery collection. 

Don’t just stand out with colour this year, but be bold with bling. Blingy necklaces and curb chains are going to be a must in 2022 - the bigger the better! Chunky chains and sparkly necklaces will really impress the fashionistas as you add them throughout your style. Combining link chains with other accessories, colour and extra bling will be the most beautiful fashion trend of 2022!

2022 is The Year Of The Signet Rings

With a steady peak in searches for ‘signet rings’ since December, 2022 is clearly going to see a rise in the number of people wearing signet rings. 

A signet ring used to be a symbol of power and authority, then a statement of togetherness. Today a signet ring is a classic, eye-catching piece - often used as a fashion statement. A trend growing amongst the Gen Z crowd is large stone-set signet rings. Easy to style - signet rings can be stacked or worn on their own - these rings will be a staple piece in your 2022 jewellery wardrobe. 

Layer Up With Gold Chains This Year

The popularity of statement chains is not slowing down! Designers are finding new ways to elevate the chunky gold chain necklace and bracelet. Glossy gold links will be seen across the world on the most stylish of necks and wrists. The trend will elevate the everyday gold chain into something more versatile. Whether it's worn with a simple white t-shirt, an oversized blazer or even to add edge to a cocktail dress, gold chains will really make a statement amongst your 2022 jewellery collection. 

Ready to Pop the Question? Watch Out For These Huge Engagement Ring Trends

In December 2021 we saw a sharp peak in searches for ‘engagement rings’ as people got ready for their New Year proposals. With trends in engagement rings forever changing, 2022 is going to be no different. From extravagant proposals to more intimate moments, engagement rings are the centrepiece to any marriage proposal. 

The bigger the better! Larger, more sculptural rings are gaining popularity. They make a statement with huge rock sizes and chunkier bands, fast becoming a preference for a lot of brides-to-be. 

However, smaller elegant rings will still be massively on-trend in 2022. Grand proposals don’t need to be grand in all aspects. Simple, understated designs are elegant and just as meaningful, with pear and oval cut being up there with the most popular. 2022 is a time for change. Some couples will opt for non-traditional designs, whilst others will stick to classic, timeless pieces, both filled with meaning and love. 

Another engagement ring trend in 2022 will be three-stone engagement rings. Raising popularity since Paris Hilton's engagement in 2021 - a moment that is likely to continue to influence brides-to-be in 2022 - we love the elegance of these statement rings. Three-stone rings are timeless and unique, making them a flexible option when it comes to selecting diamonds, sizes and colours - a truly special proposal option. 

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