Gold never goes out of style, but each year brings new jewellery trends and fashions to get excited about. 2023 promises plenty of these, with some classic themes reemerging and a general sense of more is more, which we’re definitely here for. 


Shoulder-skimming earrings

A statement earring can add so much to a look, and next year is going to be all about long, shoulder-skimming pieces that really dazzle. We’ve seen dangling earrings adorning many a catwalk this year, from droplets of pearls and precious stones to fantastical creations in wire and mesh. 

Gold provides some gorgeous options for long, elegant drop earrings, from tassel chains to tiered drops with diamonds, perfect for evening glamour or a bold everyday look. 


Chunky bracelets and bangles

The go big or go home philosophy also extends to bracelets and bangles, with statement wrist decoration a must in 2023. This could be one or two chunky bracelets such as a heavy gold bracelet or gold bangle, or mix and match a selection of small and medium pieces to create a unique stack. 

Mixing up the colours of gold with rose or white gold also means you can create your own personal look to suit any occasion, and change it up to make something new whenever you feel like it.  


Statement rings

A fabulous statement ring can be a stunning addition to an evening look, but it can also add some sparkle and fun to the everyday. The trend for big and bold applies here too, from iced out rings in fantastic shapes and designs, to chunky solid gold styles. 

You can also introduce a pop of colour with a statement gold ring featuring gemstones in blue or green, bringing a special touch to any look.  



2023 looks to be a year of the heart, with this classic jewellery staple appearing more and more in the world of fashion. While there’s the obvious meaning of love and affection, heart-shaped jewellery can be a beautiful addition to daytime or evening looks. 

Heart shapes are just as stunning when created with sparkling diamonds or with plain gold, and there are so many gorgeous designs that make use of them, from drop earrings to solid gold bangles and delicate chain bracelets.  


Chunky chain necklaces

A chunky gold chain always makes for a stunning piece of jewellery, and they’re very much on trend for 2023, especially when it comes to necklaces. Many fashion catwalks have featured models sporting heavy chain necklaces recently, and we’re sure it’s going to be a big jewellery trend going into next year. 

A single heavy gold chain looks fantastic as a statement piece, or you can wear a couple of medium to heavy chains to mix up the look to suit any occasion. 



The second of our shape-based trends, star jewellery also looks to be a popular style for 2023. As with hearts, this is a versatile shape that can lend itself to many different pieces, from hoop earrings to gem-encrusted rings. 

This also makes it a great choice for day and evening wear. A simple gold star necklace adds a touch of style for any everyday look, while a solid gold bangle with an elegant star pattern can add the perfect note of elegance to complete an evening ensemble.   

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