How To Find Fiancee Ring Size

5 Ways To Secretly Find Your Fiancée's Ring Size

So, you’ve been dating for a while and you have that overwhelming feeling that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Now comes the somewhat-surreal process of planning your proposal. That’s right – it’s finally time to pop the question… You may already know how you’re going to propose. You may even know the ring that you’re going to propose with. But the hardest part of a proposal can often be finding your partner’s ring size. If you’re in this predicament, there’s no need to worry. You’re not alone. In fact, one of the most common questions we’re asked at Hatton Jewellers is how you can find out your partner’s ring size without her knowing. As luck would have it, we have several techniques that you can use depending on your situation.  

Borrow her rings

If your partner already owns a ring this could be the option for you. Wait until she takes her ring off and then make your move. If she owns several rings then even better – have a look for a ring in her jewellery box, preferably one that she won’t notice is gone. If you don’t have much time then simply find a pencil and trace the inside and outside of the ring on some paper. You can then use an online ring-size guide to work out the size of your bride-to-be. But if you’re lucky enough to find a ring that she rarely wears then you could bring this along with you if you decide to buy the ring from a highstreet jeweller. Of course, if you’re buying your engagement ring online then you’ll just have to try tracing it.

Treat your mum to a ring

Another option could be to pretend that you’re buying a ring for your mum. Casually ask your partner what her ring size is so that you can make a comparison. Or even better, ask her to come with you to help pick out the ring and then get her to try it on in the shop so that you can ‘see how it looks in person’. Keep a close eye on the ring size that she ends up trying on. To make this extra believable you may want to buy the ring too. Of course, you don’t need to spend much on the ring unless you want to. If you do use this technique, it’s so important that you’re subtle with it – if she has the slightest feeling that you may be trying to find out her ring size then you’ll ruin the surprise.

Ask a friend

This may be a long shot, but one of her friends or family members could know your girlfriend’s ring size. Why not ask her mum or one of her best friends to see if they can help? Alternatively, you can ask one of her married or engaged friends to try the “let’s see how my ring looks on you” technique. This can be a far safer option than the previous technique as it’s not coming directly from you. Either way, be careful who you ask – make sure it’s not someone who could let the secret slip!

Use a string

If your bride-to-be is a deep sleeper then this technique is probably your best bet. Wait until she’s asleep and use a string to measure her ring finger. Make sure that it’s not too tight, but not too loose either. Once you’ve found a nice fitting, mark the string and use a ring size guide to match it up. Even if your partner is a deep sleeper it’s important to be gentle whilst your doing this. It could also be wise to have a good excuse at hand just in case she does wake up.

Have a guess

If you’re not prepared to try any of the above, one option could simply be to guess. There’s several ways that you can make an accurate guess. Did you know that the average ring size for a woman is size M? You could even see if any of your fingers are a similar size to her ring finger and try out the string technique on yourself. From here, if you propose only to discover the ring doesn’t fit perfectly then you can always take it back to the place you bought it, or another jewellers, to get it resized. At Hatton Jewellers, we offer fast, stress-free ring resizing from just £17.50.   Whichever technique you decide to use, it’s so important to be subtle. One wrong move and you could give the whole game away! Take the time to plan things out properly and all your hard work will be more than worth it. Just imagine the smile on your fiancée’s face when you get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage…