A wedding day is one of the most important days in people's lives, and for the bride it’s a day when they can truly show off their beauty. Although the wedding ring will become the most important piece of jewellery the bride wears that day, there are a range of other pieces they can wear to accentuate their outfits and one-day-only dress.

In this guide, we’re picking out six different pieces which we think will look great alongside the bride's dress and wedding ring, without stealing the limelight. 

Wedding Day Jewellery

We’ve carefully selected each of these pieces so that they accentuate the traditional wedding dress colours and styles for a truly elegant look. 

Solitaire Engagement Ring

Besides the wedding ring, the most important piece of jewellery you’ll be wearing is of course the engagement ring. If you’re looking to propose to your partner and want to consider how the engagement ring will look alongside other jewellery before you buy, this may just help you out.

Choosing a solitaire engagement ring ensures an elegant and classy ring which won't overpower any other pieces of jewellery and can be worn effortlessly with other pieces to complete a beautiful look. 

Italian Curb Chain

Italian curb chains are an elegant and subtle way of showing off a neckpiece on your big day. To match the colour scheme of an all-white wedding dress and other accessories, white gold is the perfect choice. This type of gold will blend in seamlessly with the lighter colours whilst adding depth to the jewellery you’re wearing. 

Fancy Design Bracelet

A fancy design bracelet which incorporates both white and yellow gold is a great way of gently introducing some more dynamic colours into your outfit. Diluted by white gold, the yellow hues can highlight certain aspects of your outfit - perfect for those who like to turn heads.

Stud Earrings

Diamond studs are the quintessential wedding day earring. The dazzling diamond is able to add a sparkle to the outlines of your face, without an overbearing size which can crowd your outfit. Experimenting with rose, white and yellow gold can help you fully diversify your wedding day look.

Diamond Pendant

Wearing a sentimental pendant, whether from your partner or a family member can be a beautiful way of adding personality to your outfit and giving it a real meaning. A smaller-sized diamond drop pendant with a light chain can help accentuate your neckline and add depth beyond the most important dress you’ll likely ever wear.


Wedding Jewellery At Hatton Jewellers

Our diverse range of jewellery incorporates a range of pieces that are suitable to wear on a wedding day. Whether it’s your own wedding or you’re attending as a guest, browse our collection to find a piece, or two, that are perfect for you. 

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