Although it’s tradition to propose with a diamond ring, wedding and engagement conventions are continuously evolving. Popping the question is a tradition that has changed a lot over the years, with more women challenging gender roles by proposing to men and less use of the traditional engagement ring. 

From romantic gestures like getting inked to putting more focus on building a future together than buying a high-end engagement ring, there are a whole host of alternatives that you can use instead of buying that dazzling ring. 

In this blog post we’ll explore 7 substitutes for the traditional engagement ring just in case your partner doesn’t love the idea of wearing a sparkling diamond ring every day.

Propose With a Gold Chain Necklace

If your partner works in a profession that is very hands on, a traditional ring may not be the best option and could actually be extremely impractical. The ring may easily get damaged or lost if they’re unable to wear it on a daily basis, and in some cases a ring may also be a hazard. 

Instead of a ring, a gold chain necklace could be the perfect alternative. It can be worn daily and is not overly intrusive when styling day-to-day. It can easily be presented in a traditional way when proposing, as it’s likely to come in a similarly shaped jewellery box. That means you can still get down on one knee and present a piece of jewellery if you want to keep a little tradition in your proposal.

Get Inked

Nothing shows commitment quite like a tattoo. What makes a tattoo an even more attractive option to some is that there’s no risk of losing or damaging it like there is with a diamond. 

Choose to get a small tattoo on your ring finger in the shape of an engagement ring if you’re wanting to take it very literally, or go for a small symbol that is meaningful to your relationship. For full impact, think about proposing at your favourite tattoo shop. 

Plan a Trip

Start your future as Mr and Mrs with a bang and plan an adventure that you can enjoy together. If your partner isn’t massively interested in jewellery or doesn’t want to wear jewellery on a daily basis, grab a plane ticket and a sense of adventure instead.

Whether it be a road trip around the UK, an extravagant trip abroad or a luxury london hotel stay you can symbolize your future together by taking a trip that you’ll never forget! Plan small surprises along the trip that you’re sure she’ll love to make the experience extra special. 

Give the Gift of Gold

If you still want to propose in a traditional way but your partner doesn’t like feeling flashy with diamonds, gifting a gold ring is a great alternative. This could be a simple band-style ring or a gold ring with alternative gemstones. 

In Thailand, during a traditional engagement ceremony, a man often gifts his bride-to-be a piece of gold jewellery. These pieces are at least 96 percent pure gold, however this is very soft and can be damaged easily; if you’re looking for a piece that lasts, opt for a 9ct gold ring or necklace

Plan For the Future

Rather than getting down on one knee, give a down payment on a home instead. Getting on the property ladder isn’t cheap or easy, and if your partner doesn’t like the idea of a sparkly engagement ring looking to the future may be a good option.  If you’re looking to propose using something that will symbolise your future, consider your future home.

The next phase of your lives together can be even more exciting than an engagement ring. It may even allow you to move in together sooner than originally planned so that you can begin your life together. Propose using a new home greeting card or surprising your partner with a day of viewing houses. 

Is there a charity that is close to your partner's heart? Something they wish they could spend more time fundraising for? Your money will go to a good cause instead of a traditional engagement ring and you can make the donation in your partner's name or in what your marital name may be. 

Show your commitment by giving to a charity they are close to. You don’t always have to give money if you don’t have the resources. Another way to do this is to give your time, volunteer and help at fundraising events. 

Choose a Family Heirloom

Family and your family's legacy is an important part of any marriage or relationship. Not only might you have some beautiful family heirlooms that you could use as an engagement ring, it will also have the added meaning of being a part of your family. It may have been passed down through generations and shows your true feeling and commitment to your partner. 

It further symbolises the joining of your two families and is a lovely reminder of your loved ones and those who mean a lot to you. It is a piece of history that you can take into your future together.

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