How To Cut Wedding Costs Without Compromising On Quality

7 Ways To Cut Wedding Costs Without Compromising On Quality

Most people have some idea of how they want their dream wedding day to plan out. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably known for several years now. White and pink flower bouquets carefully arranged down the aisle, set inside a stunning country manor house, followed by a four-course dinner and a reception that goes on into the early hours of the morning… It’s easy to get carried away with planning the intricacies of your dream wedding. But the reality of planning your big day involves a whole load of budgeting and inside tricks to help reduce expenses. Did you know the average cost to get married in the UK now stands at over £27,000? This may sound like a lot of money, but as luck would have it there are countless ways that you can keep down the costs of your wedding without sacrificing quality.  

Don’t tie the knot on a Saturday

Does your special day really need to be on a Saturday? Choosing a different day of the week to get married is one of the oldest tricks in the book. As it’s the most popular day for weddings you could save up to half the price if you tie the knot on a weekday. You’ll also have way more options in terms of venues; maybe you could hire that dream venue that was fully-booked on weekends for the next year? Other expenses such as transportation and waiting staff can also cost less if you don’t get married on a Saturday. Will your guests really mind that much if they need to take an extra day off work? Probably not…

Cut the guest list

One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of your wedding is to trim the guest list. This can be a difficult task if you already have a relatively small guest list. But if you were planning to invite several hundred guests, are you really going to miss those 20 people that you were only inviting out of courtesy? Say your wedding costs £100 per head for food, drink and the venue; that’s a saving of £2,000 that could be spent elsewhere.

Get creative

Why not get your creative juices flowing and try some wedding DIY? From the decorations and invitations to the food and wedding cake, there are tons of ways that you can save money on your big day. You could even try something more out-the-box like opting for a self-made Spotify playlist for your reception rather than a DJ. Know anyone that has any particular wedding-handy specialisms, for example a photographer or a florist? Even if this isn’t their day job, you could make the most of their skills and save a bit of money for your big day. Everyone appreciates an extra pair of hands, especially at such a hectic time. You could even get a group of friends down for cocktails and crafts; you’re guaranteed a fun evening whilst getting something else ticked off your checklist.

Buy second-hand jewellery

From your engagement ring to matching watches, earrings and any other jewellery you may want to wear on the day, the cost of jewellery can add up quickly. One great way to save money on jewellery without sacrificing quality is to go second-hand. Professional jewellers ensure that all used items go through a thorough polishing or refurb process, so it will be almost impossible to tell the difference between your second-hand ring and a brand new one. In fact, with the money you save you may even be able to afford something a bit fancier than you had hoped.

Save on food

Do you really need to serve four courses, each with three variations? Cutting out one or two options not only makes the choice easier for guests, but it means that costs will be lower for you. You could even serve a buffet; this can be a great option if you have any fussy eaters on the guest list and it means you won’t have to shell out on waiting staff. Or if the weather’s good why not host a barbecue? Either way, this can be a cost-effective alternative to the traditional wedding breakfast.

Simple elegance

Sometimes less is more. If you’re on a budget then you’ll no doubt be trying to pull back on certain aspects of your big day, but have you considered all of the little things? The cost of small details such as table menus, the envelopes for your invitations, decorations, wedding favours and so on can add up fast. Ask yourself if you really need a menu for each person; maybe you could just allocate two or three per table. You’ll have saved a ton of money before you know it…

Don’t be scared to negotiate

With a lot of service-led businesses, such as photographers, there will be room for negotiation. You may even be able to negotiate on price at the venue, although any wiggle room will be much tighter as they’ll have minimum costs to cover staffing fees, alcohol and cleaning etc. If people are unwilling to negotiate on price then why not ask if they’ll throw in a few extras? For example, you could ask the venue if they’re willing to offer some extra nibbles or the option to set up an hour early on the day.   There are countless ways that you can save money on your big day without sacrificing that lifelong vision of your dream wedding. Sit down with your partner and try coming up with some creative ways to save, and don’t forget to reach out to any newly-weds you may know for advice. Remember, the more you can save on your big day, the more budget you’ll have for the honeymoon of a lifetime…