9 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

9 Best Christmas Proposal Ideas

Can you believe it’s that time of the year already? The weather’s getting colder, the Christmas decorations are coming out again, and the cities and towns around the UK are starting to feel a lot more festive. There’s something about the Christmas period that always feels a little romantic. From the classic festive movies to the endless list of activities to get involved in around the holiday season, it really is a great time for couples. Did you know that Christmas Eve is actually the most popular day of the year for couples to get engaged? If you’re one of the people planning a festive proposal this winter then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up nine of the very best Christmas proposal ideas.  

Surprise them with carol singers

Why not hire some carol singers to knock on your door and perform a few festive classics for you and your partner? Ask them to replace some of the words in the last verse to say “Will you marry me?”, before dropping to one knee and pulling out the ring. Your partner will have the surprise of her life! (Bonus tip – actually write the new carol as you want it to sound to avoid any mistakes.) Christmas Proposals

Advent Calendar

There’s nothing quite like opening an advent calendar to mark the start of Christmas. Why not get crafty this year and build your own advent calendar, or order a personalised calendar online, filling it with festive fancies such as miniature spirits, chocolates and other small gifts? You can then place your engagement ring in whatever ‘door’ you choose, most likely the 24th or 25th. We’d recommend not actually putting the ring in that slot until the night before though; if your partner gets suspicious and takes a look when it’s too early the whole surprise could be ruined! If you want to eliminate any doubt of suspicion, you could even use a generic advent calendar like Mars or Cadburys. You can open most of these from the bottom, before carefully cutting open the aluminium foil on the 24th ‘door’ and replacing the chocolate with your engagement ring. Re-seal the bottom with super glue and you’re good to go! This may take a few attempts to get right, so it could be safe to buy a few advent calendars just in case.  

After putting up the Christmas tree

Surprise your soon-to-be fiancée by getting down on one knee after you finish decorating the Christmas tree together. You’ll both be in the Christmas spirit so it will certainly make for a festive proposal. Celebrate by popping open a bottle of champagne and cosying up by the fire…  

Do it to the extreme

Are you both huge fans of Christmas? Why not prepare the ultimate fun-filled day with some of your favourite festive activities (e.g. ice skating, a trip to the Christmas market and a classic winter film), followed by a delicious meal and a few drinks at your favourite restaurant, before ending it with a romantic proposal at the place you first met each other?  

Bespoke Christmas cracker

Much like the advent calendar idea, if you’re feeling creative then this proposal could be the one for you. Craft some Christmas crackers from scratch, or order some make-your-own ones online, and proceed to fill them with generic gifts (e.g. nail clippers, highlighter pens, Christmas hats and so on). Place your engagement ring inside one of the crackers too, ensuring that you make this cracker easily identifiable – if the wrong person opens it then it could result in a pretty awkward Christmas dinner. It could also be wise to wrap the ring in some foam or bubble wrap, as you don’t want to risk damaging it.  

Hide it in a box inside a box, inside a box

One of our favourite ideas is to pop the question whilst unwrapping your presents on Christmas morning. Build up some anticipation by packaging the engagement ring in Russian Doll-style; in a box inside a box inside a box (you get the idea). When she sees a huge present sat under the Christmas tree, she’ll have no idea that it’s holding her beautiful engagement ring. If you want to throw her off even more then you could have the final box that contains the ring as something that would pass as a pretty good Christmas present anyway. This way, when she’s opened ten boxes and finally sees her favourite eyeshadow (or whatever else you choose) she’ll be delighted – then opens the packaging only to discover a sparkling diamond engagement ring inside… Thank us later. Christmas Presents

Boxing Day

Don’t want your partner to guess that a festive proposal is coming? If they may be expecting you to propose sometime around Christmas then it could be a good idea to let their suspicions come and go. If you’re feeling extra playful why not drop a load of hints leading up to Christmas Day, only to treat it like any other Christmas? She’ll no doubt be taken aback when you drop to one knee and pull out her engagement ring on Boxing Day.  

Keep in line with traditions

Like to follow any special traditions with your partner at Christmas? Do you always go to the theatre for a Christmas pantomime? You may go for a festive walk on the first day of December? Or maybe you simply like to go overboard with the Quality Streets on Christmas Eve? Why not incorporate your proposal into one of these festive traditions? For example, you could wrap up your engagement ring in a Quality Street wrapper and mix it in with the other chocolates. Be creative and you should have no problem coming up with some great ideas!  

Swap Santa’s mince pie with an engagement ring

Often leave out a mince pie and a glass of sherry for Santa on Christmas Eve? Quietly replace it with your engagement ring before your loved one wakes up. Your partner will be sure to get a surprise when she walks past it in the morning.   Christmas really is a great time of the year to begin the next chapter with your loved one. Take some time to plan your proposal properly and ALWAYS make sure you have a back-up plan; soon enough you’ll be preparing to spend the rest of your lives together. Do you have any festive proposal ideas that you’d like to share with us? Why not let us know on Instagram?