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Celebrating your baby’s first Christmas is a magical occasion for all the family, so you’ll no doubt be looking for gifts to shower your little one with this festive season - you’ve come to the right place. Whether you opt for a hand-stitched blanket, a gold bracelet or a classic children’s book, there are countless unique gifts to make it a first Christmas to remember.

If you’re looking for inspiration this season, here are Hatton Jewellers’ top 10 luxury Christmas gifts.

“Baby’s First Christmas” Decor

If you enjoy putting up a Christmas tree each year and decking your home in beautiful decorations, a personalised bauble or stocking for your little one will make a special keepsake gift. It’s the perfect way to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas, while also creating a special family tradition of placing your baby’s bauble on the tree each year.

If you don’t tend to go for a Christmas tree, you could hang a stocking on the fireplace or at the end of their bed instead. Over time, this becomes a story your little one can be a part of, creating a family memory that you can all share and look back on together each festive season. 

A Beautiful Gold Bracelet

Children’s jewellery is a fantastic token to mark any special milestone in a child’s life. It captures a particularly special sentiment in a way that no other gift can. A piece of jewellery can also double as a family heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. If you’re looking for ideas on what piece of jewellery to get your little one, a baby’s gold bracelet is a perfect choice. These often come in adjustable styles to fit even the tiniest of wrists and can be loosened as your baby grows to ensure they get further wear out of this special gift. 

A Monogrammed Blanket

Keep your baby cosy and warm this festive season with a monogrammed blanket. Perfect for keeping them cosy on winter nights, a blanket is an ideal gift for your baby this Christmas. Monogramming your chosen blanket with their initials is a special way to add a personalised touch, making it tailor-made for your little one on their first Christmas. 

A Classic Children’s Book

Sometimes the perfect gift comes in the form of pages that transport your little one to another world. A children’s book can provide hours of escapism and can be read again and again. We all have that one book we remember reading as a child that stood out against all the rest. No matter how many other books sat on the shelf, there’s usually always one we returned to time and time again. Recreate this magical memory for your child growing up by gifting them with their new favourite storybook. 

A Baby Bathrobe

One of the milestones of having a newborn is your baby’s first bathtime. Ensure they’re swaddled and coddled comfortably in a fluffy baby bathrobe. Available in lots of cute animal designs such as bunny rabbits and teddy bears with little hooded ears, this will create many cute photo opportunities to share with your family and friends this festive season.   

Their First Pair of Trainers

If you’re into stylish sneakers it’s only natural that you’ll be eager to gift your baby with their first pair of kicks. Ensure they’re kitted out in style this Christmas by treating your little one with their first pair of trainers. Whatever your go-to brand is, have your little one dressed as a matching mini-me this festive season by dressing them in some new trainers and they’ll be sure to look cute and fashionable at the family Christmas party. 

A Cuddly Teddy Bear

No childhood is complete without a go-to soft toy or teddy bear for your little one to cuddle up to as they grow. Providing comfort in their cradle when playing or simply acting as the perfect companion to snuggle up to at bedtime or to entertain them on long car journeys, a teddy bear can provide hours of fun and comfort for your little one this Christmas season. Why not add a festive spin on this idea by opting for their very own soft Rudolph the reindeer toy? 

Branded Clothing

It’s no secret that Christmas is often the busiest period for most of us, with lots of festive parties and family gatherings planned. Ensure your child is the star of the show this season with your pick of luxury branded clothing. From coats to cardigans and everything in between, there are countless baby ensembles from many favourite designers for you to choose from to ensure your little one looks adorable this festive season.

A New Playroom

As well as showing your new baby in clothes and toys, a new playroom would make a worthwhile gift to mark the Christmas occasion. Investing in a comfortable sleeper or cot, alongside cute children’s accessories, such as toys and soft furnishings, will create a calm space for your baby to relax in. You could even add a Christmas touch by hanging some twinkling fairy lights for a cosy and festive feel. 

A Christmas Photoshoot

There’s no better way to remember your baby’s first Christmas than by capturing it on camera. Planning a photoshoot means you can share this moment with all of your friends and family - plus the photos make a great Christmas gift to make everyone smile this festive season. You can make the occasion fun and festive by planning outfits for your baby, such as a Christmas pudding or a reindeer that would rival even Rudolph's cuteness! 

If you’re looking to add a touch of sparkle to someone’s Christmas this year, check out our Ultimate Gold Jewellery Christmas Gift Guide, or visit the Hatton Jewellers Facebook or Instagram pages for further festive inspiration.