It’s no secret that Bridgerton has been deemed one of the most binge-worthy box sets to hit our screens since 2020. With two exceptionally successful seasons, a third has already been confirmed. Hold onto your tiaras… rumour has it the official release date is set to drop any day now!

As we prepare to be dazzled by more bejewelled costumes, embellished with ornate accessories, here’s a round-up of the series' most notable pieces of women’s jewellery - and how you can recreate these lavish looks for your next fancy occasion.

Daphne’s Delicate Necklaces

From the very first episode of the acclaimed series, we see Season 1 protagonist, Daphne Bridgerton, sporting many delicate necklaces. A true perfectionist who always looks pristine, Daphne is rarely seen without a matching diamond or pearl ensemble. We typically see her in dainty pendants accompanied by ‘barely-there’ slender chains, perfectly complementing the plunging necklines of the regency era.

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Prince Frederick’s Gifted Diamond Necklace

In Season 1 Episode 4, Prince Frederick of Prussia joins Daphne’s long line of hopeful suitors. Besides his impressive title (outranking even the much-loved Duke of Hastings) he woos Miss Bridgerton even further by gifting her a decadent diamond necklace before proposing to her.

In a dramatic twist, Daphne is seen fleeing the ball immediately after the prince's proposal, while snatching the necklace from her neck and dropping it. The disappearance of the jaw-dropping diamond necklace is said to be symbolic of the fact that the relationship doesn’t progress beyond that point. 

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Eloise’s Matching Diamond Set

As the family tomboy who’s desperate to escape ballrooms at all costs, we don’t often see Eloise Bridgerton in all her finery. But in Season 1 Episode 7, we catch a rare glimpse of her sporting the Bridgerton family jewels for a royal soiree. The matching diamond set is made up of dainty drop earrings and a matching ornate diamond drop necklace.

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Marina’s Statement Pendant

Marina Thompson joins the Featherington family, making many waves along the way. The three Featherington sisters soon struggle to entice any potential suitors as they only have eyes for Marina. 

However, viewers soon find out that she's pregnant and her lover is away fighting in the Peninsular War in Spain. The necklace she wears is said to hold great significance, as in regency times, women often wore an eye pendant when they could not be with their love. The pendant sits on a simple gold chain and is encased with ornate pearls.

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What Will Season 3 Bring To Our Screens?

Netflix hasn’t revealed any sneak peeks or clues yet as to what Season 3 might entail. But one thing’s for sure, we’re expecting to encounter more whirlwind romances, secrets, scandals, and of course, countless ballroom-ready bejewelled outfits for us to enjoy.

Lady Whistledown, we’re ready for you!

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