Do you wonder how you could store your glamorous jewellery more effectively? Noticing some pieces are tarnishing quicker than others? Fed up of forever having to struggle to detangle delicate necklaces? You aren’t alone, as many people struggle to find the best ways to store their bling.

From jewellery organisers and ring dishes to hanging jewellery hooks, there’s an abundance of ways to keep your favourite gold, silver, fine and costume jewellery organised, safe and tarnish free. Now’s the time to get organised!

In this blog post, the team at Hatton Jewellers share top tips on how to keep your jewellery clean and dry so it doesn't tarnish, as well as suggesting four stylish storage ideas. 

Four Tips to Store Your Gold Jewellery So It Doesn’t Tarnish

1. Separate Your Jewellery by Metals

This is key to ensuring your jewellery doesn’t tarnish or get damaged by different types of metals. Make a few piles that separate your gold, silver, fine and costume jewellery, as these should always be kept separate. Separating your delicate, favourite pieces will prevent metals from tarnishing and interacting with each other - making sure your precious pieces stay with you forever. 

2. Make Sure It’s Clean and Dry

When planning to store your jewellery, you should always check that it’s clean and dry, as any dirt or moisture can cause the metal to tarnish and even rust - something nobody wants! If you know that your jewellery won’t be worn again for more than a week, we highly recommend you give them a deep clean before placing them in storage. 

No matter what the type of jewellery, storing it when it's dirty can cause premature issues or even tarnish other pieces that it’s stored with. Taking good care of your jewellery is key to a gleaming collection! 

3. Lower Humidity Levels

Tarnishing is bound to speed up when your jewellery is placed in a high humidity location. During the summer months it’s wise to consider running air conditioning or a dehumidifier in the room the jewellery is stored in, helping ensure that the humidity isn't so high that it damages your favourite pieces. 

You should never place your jewellery above radiators or any other heat source, as a consistent temperature is best for helping jewellery to stand the best of time. Keep your jewellery boxes inside cupboards or hang jewellery racks on the inside of wardrobe doors, thus protecting your jewellery from any temperature changes within your room. 

4. Insure Your Expensive Pieces 

When it comes to expensive, fabulous pieces, whether its gold rings or delicate silver chains, the last thing anyone wants is for them to get damaged or even lost. You should always protect your jewellery when you have an extensive collection - it’s better to be safe than sorry!

When you first purchase your jewellery, take photos and collect serial numbers so that each piece within your collection can be insured and therefore you won't have to panic if anything bad was to happen.

Be Smart - Four Ways to Store Your Jewellery

Small But Mighty Ring Holders and Trinket Dishes

Looking for smarter ways to store your jewellery? Small trinket dishes and ring holders are designed to store little pieces within your jewellery collection, such as stud earrings and dainty rings. You can add small ring dishes to your dressing tables or any little spaces within your room - they’re available in a range of styles, colours and patterns, so you can ensure they match the aesthetics of your room to a tee. 

You should place your most-worn pieces in your trinket dishes, meaning you have your go-to jewellery close by and ready to wear each and every day. They are perfect if you have a large collection of delicate, dainty jewellery that you want to keep a close eye on. Don’t want them to collect dust? Opt for a trinket box with a lid! 

Stand-Out, Stylish Jewellery Boxes

Multiple drawers, a range of sizes and a variety of colours - jewellery boxes are extremely functional and can be made to fit any room. From fabric-covered and sleek acrylic designs to sophisticated glass boxes, jewellery boxes can be displayed on any table top or even stored away out of sight. You can organise them in any way to suit you, with sections for rings, necklaces and more, meaning they will keep everything safe and neatly organised so you don’t have to rummage around looking for your everyday pieces. 

Jewellery boxes not only keep everything organised, they also protect your jewellery from damage, keep them away from dirt and dust, are easily accessible, and reduce the risk of losing your favourite items. 

Getting into the habit of putting your jewellery away in a box will ensure your pieces are always there when you need them. Grab a jewellery box in a style that suits you and remove the stress of searching for your jewellery! 

No More Tangled Necklaces: Get a Jewellery Stand

Be bold and display your jewellery in everyone's sight. Jewellery stands are available with multiple bars set at different heights; they can be free standing or wall hung and come in a range of colours and sizes - every style to fit every room. They are ideal for hanging longer bracelets and necklaces, making it easier to organise them, stopping them from getting tangled and helping to prevent long chains from touching surfaces and tarnishing. 

Made in a range of materials, such as marble, metal, acrylic and more, a decorative, stylish jewellery stand will add another chic element to your dressing table. Keeping your necklaces hanging vertically will not only make them easier to grab whilst you get ready each morning, but you can also avoid the stress of trying to untangle them! 

Travel in Style With a Mini Jewellery Box 

Are you about to set off on a much-needed holiday or even a little staycation or night away? Whether you're taking your whole wardrobe or traveling light with a small bag or cabin case, travel jewellery boxes will ensure your jewellery travels in style and safely. Travel jewellery boxes will keep all your special pieces stored in one place, whilst protecting them from damage. 

Make space in your suitcase for a mini, small or even large jewellery box that fastens, meaning you won't risk losing your jewellery within all your clothes. With soft fabric linings, places to store rings and stud earrings, hooks for necklaces, multiple compartments and even places for hair accessories, jewellery boxes should be a must-have when travelling the world.

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