London Fashion Week is a huge spectacle and never fails to draw eyes from across the globe. The event set to take place in 2023 is likely to reach the same heights and has us thinking about what jewellery pieces we’ll see in the shows. In anticipation for the event, we’re breaking down some of the pieces we’re likely to see. 

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Here’s What We Can Expect To See At London’s Fashion Week 2023 Show

Using last year’s popular pieces and current trends to predict what we might see in 2023, here are our best guesses. 

Spectacular Drop Earrings

It’s unlikely that we’ll see this style of earring go out of fashion anytime soon. In fact, some of the most popular drop earrings double down on the look with a “bigger is better” approach. Unusual styles, bold additions and bright colours see drop earrings reach new heights leading us to think that they’re going to soar at London’s 2023 event.

Stacked Bangles

Less is more is no longer accurate - not when it comes to bangles at least. We expect 2023 to show us a lot more of the stacked bangles look, with fashionistas layering multiple colours and sizes of bangles to decorate their wrists. For us this is great, as it allows us to get involved with the trend and show off as many of our beautiful bangles as possible all at once!

Dazzling Diamonds

The world’s most timeless stone, diamonds will undoubtedly make it to centre stage at next year’s event. But in what style you may ask? Well this will almost certainly vary from piece to piece but it’s a safe bet to assume we’ll see a lot of cluster pieces and some varying cuts of diamond, such as oval and emerald

Oversized Chains

Furthering the ‘more is more’ theme, oversized chains are likely to be a popular accessory. Opting for big and bold gold chains means they can be worn as a solo piece or with accentuating accessories - both are a great look for one of the fashion world’s biggest showcases.


Fashion Trends With Hatton Jewellers

At Hatton Jewellers, we like to keep up with current trends and offer our customers the latest and most popular styles of jewellery. To do this, we keep our fingers on the pulse within the fashion world and aim to offer an extensive selection of pieces so you can accessorise in a way which suits you. 

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