Flashy jewellery, such as gold chains, and the hip-hop genre have long been synonymous, with famous rappers seemingly battling it out for who can have the biggest and flashiest chain. For us jewellery enthusiasts, we’ve been keenly watching an array of extravagant diamond-encrusted gold chains arrive on the scene over the years. With custom chains that can feature over 100 carats of diamonds and weigh more than 10 pounds, it’s now somewhat normal to see rappers covered in swathes of solid gold chains and iced-out pendants. But which artist has the largest and most expensive heavy jewellery? In this blog post, we reveal which rapper chains make the list of the world’s most expensive gold chains.  

Jay Z: Gold Cuban Chain

Jay Z Gold Cuban Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: splashysplash.com

Believe it or not, the most affordable chain on this list is Jay Z’s statement Cuban chain, which he first wore in 2013, at the 20th anniversary show for So So Def. Rather than opting for an encrusted pendant, the rapper commissioned this one-of-a-kind heavy gold chain that weighs in at 11lbs and is made from solid gold, earning it a place in our top 15. This chain is a great example of less is more, as it swaps out the diamond-laden look for simple solid gold, albeit a lot of it. Cost: $200,000

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Take on a touch of Jay Z style with our 9ct Yellow Gold Classic Cuban Link Curb Chain, you can don a chunky gold chain for a fraction of the price the rap superstar will have paid without compromising on the quality of solid gold.  

Lil Uzi Vert: Marilyn Manson

Lil Uzi Vert Marilyn Manson Gold Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: hypebeast.com

As a rapper who has frequently stated Marilyn Manson has influenced his music, it seems fitting that Lil Uzi Vert would pay homage to the musician through his jewellery. First seen in 2017, his tribute comes in the form of a 14k white gold and diamond chain. This Ben Baller design includes a 55 carat diamond Mickey Mouse Manson pendant and a whopping 100 carat diamond spiked choker. Cost: $220,000

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Of course, this is a custom piece, so you’d be hard pressed to find an exact replica unless you speak to an expert jeweller. However, if you’re a fan of colourful diamond-encrusted portraits, our 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out Cubic Zirconia Joker Head Pendant is a great way to show off more eccentric style. Complete the look with this stunning 9ct Yellow Gold Solid Italian Made Figaro Chain.

Quavo: Ratatouille

Quavo Ratatouille Gold Pendant - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Referencing his lyrics ‘call me Quavo Ratatouille’ in his Migos track, ‘Bad and Boujee’, Quavo was seen sporting a bejewelled Ratatouille pendant at the 2017 MET Gala. The white gold and diamond pendant shows Quavo as Disney’s Alfredo Linguini and includes Remy the rat, Quavo’s signature glasses and a miniature QC pendant. Cost: $250,000  

Cam’ron: Harlem World

Cam'ron Harlem World Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: highsnobiety.com

In the early 2000s, Cam’ron was seen wearing one of the most unique and flamboyant gold chains of its time. Containing 150 carats of diamonds, this battery-powered piece included a 3D spinning globe which read ‘Killa Cam Harlem World’. However, in 2018 it was bought by rapper Lil Yachty, who updated the pendant with the words ‘Yachty’s World’.  Cost: $250,000

Slick Rick: Justice Scale Chain

Photo Credit: https://www.highsnobiety.com/

Slick Rick’s scales of justice chain is one of the larger entries to this list with a pendant that is as big as his face, if not bigger. The gigantic chain is made from solid cold and features a cluster of diamonds that form the scales of justice emblem. Cost: $250,000

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A true rappers’ delight, our 9ct Yellow Gold Round Iced Out Medallion Cherub Pendant will help you get the Slick Rick look with a circular pendant featuring an iced out graphic. Pair it with our 9ct Yellow Gold Classic Cuban Link Curb Chain to get the matching combo.

Kanye West: Horus

Kanye West Horus Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: freshnessmag.com

As the largest solid gold chain in the line-up, Kanye West’s new neckwear caught the crowd’s attention during the opening performance at the BET awards in 2010. His humongous pendant of Horus – the Egyptian god of the sky, sun and moon – was made of 24k yellow gold, and nothing quite like it has been seen since! Cost: $300,000  

T-Pain: Big Ass Chain

T Pain Big Ass Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

A huge design that consists of the words ‘Big ass chain’, this piece was purchased by T-Pain in 2009. It weighs over 10lbs, is made from yellow and white gold and features 197 carats of diamonds. Interestingly, the rapper recently revealed he bought it as part of a dare and said he now thinks it was a bit of a stupid decision! Dream big-gie and get the bold look with our Self Made 9ct gold chain. Cost: $410,000

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If a chunky diamond-encrusted statement is your thing, then our 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out 3D Bubble Letters 'Money' Pendant paired with our 9ct Gold Solid Heavy Patterned Square Curb Chain, will help you put your own spin on the T-Pain look.

Drake: OVO Owl

Drake - OVO Owl Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: highsnobiety.com

One of Drake’s most recent heavy gold chains contains almost 3lbs of white gold and a 100 carat diamond owl. Custom-made back in 2018, it was completed within six weeks and then flown to the rapper inside a bespoke bird cage. It’s believed to be more expensive than his previous owl pendant, a piece that cost $120,000 and contained pink sapphires alongside yellow, blue and white diamonds. Cost: Unknown

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Unleash your wildest style with our 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out Cubic Zirconia 3D Bear's Head Pendant is the perfect owl alternative. Inspired by Drake’s diamond-laden style, this bear pendant will have you doing a (One) Dance. Pair with this 9ct White Gold Italian Made Byzantine Chain to match Drake’s white gold chain.

Takeoff: Solar System

Takeoff Solar System Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: hypebeast.com

Another Migos member, Takeoff, has made our list with his extravagant solar system chain. This custom neckwear includes a spaceship medallion with the YRN logo, sun and stars, as well as 3D planets. Every part of this piece is covered with over 200 carats of diamonds and has been spotted on the rapper several times since 2017. Cost: $500,000  

Soulja Boy: The World is Yours

Soulja Boy The World Is Yours Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: complex.com

Worn to the BET Awards in 2009, this yellow gold chain features a colourful blue and white diamond globe surrounded by the words ‘the world is yours’ in yellow and pink gemstones. Whilst Soulja Boy is known to have spent millions on his jewellery collection, this is believed to be the priciest piece he owns.  Cost: $500,000 

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Hold the world in the palm of your hand with our fully rotating 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out Gemset 3D Spinning World Pendant. The iconic phrase “THE WORLD IS YOURS” is identical too, so you can pay tribute to Soulja Boy and put your own stamp on this classic piece. Put the world on a chain with our 9ct Yellow Gold Solid Gem-set Oval Belcher Chain.

Lil Jon: Crunk Ain’t Dead

Lil Jon Crunk Ain't Dead Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: chazzrockwell.com

In 2007, this chain was given the title of the world’s biggest diamond pendant by the Guinness World Records. In total, this neckwear boasts an impressive 3,756 diamonds, is made from yellow and white gold, and weighs more than 5lbs.  Cost: $500,000

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Extremely similar in appearance, our 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out 3D Letters 'SELF MADE' Pendant doesn’t quite match Lil Jon’s piece word for word, but it does encapsulate the style. This stand-out 9ct Yellow Gold Italian Made Miami Cuban Chain is the ideal companion for any iced out pendant.

Sean Kingston: Crayons

Sean Kingston Crayon Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

Perhaps the most unusual chain on this list, Sean Kingston was seen wearing a diamond, emerald and ruby studded crayon box in 2007. However, it hasn’t been seen since. This is because the singer’s sister shipped it to a jeweller in New York but allegedly insured this piece of jewellery for only $500. It went missing and has never been recovered! Don’t wear your jewellery without insurance - That Ain’t Right. Cost: $500,000  

Gucci Mane: Twin Panther

Gucci Mane Twin Panther Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: hypebeast.com

Worn by Gucci Mane in 2017, this decadent heavy gold chain contains a colossal 4,600 diamonds weighing 165 carats. Consisting of two panthers connected by three diamond strands, there are 1,800 diamonds in the panthers alone, with a further 2,800 making up the rest of the neck piece. Cost: $500,000

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Gucci Mane’s stunning gold chain is one of the coldest pieces we’ve seen, with the twin panther heads, so we can understand why you would want to emulate his look. We think the best way to do this is with our 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out Gem Set Lioness Head Pendant. Think like Mike Tyson and tame a goddess of the animal kingdom with this 9ct Yellow Gold Classic Tight Cuban Link Curb Chain.

Mike Jones: Ice Age

Mike Jones Ice Age Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: complex.com

Coming in at number three is Mike Jones’ ice age design. This monumental chain and iced out medallion is made from white gold and features over 100 carats of diamonds. However, in 2009, he woke up in his home to find it had been stolen by a friend! Fortunately, it was fully insured so he was able to make a claim.  Cost: $1,000,000

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Although it’s not a matching ‘Ice Age’ piece in terms of what’s written on it, our collection can certainly challenge its ‘iced out’ levels. This 9ct Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Iced Out Hamsa Hand Pendant is truly dazzling. Perfect to pair with a Solid 9ct Yellow Gold Classic Cuban Link Curb Chain.

Pharrell: N.E.R.D

Pharrell Williams N.E.R.D Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: pinterest.com

In second place is the custom N.E.R.D gold chain and pendant, owned by Pharrell Williams. It was made back in 2006 and consists of a medallion that features Pharrell and his two other band members. This impressive piece is encrusted with white diamonds as well as a huge range of coloured gemstones.  Cost: $1,000,000  

Rick Ross: Rick Ross Face

Rick Ross Wearing A Chain Of Himself Wearing A Chain - Hatton Jewellers

Photo Credit: thegforum.com

So, who has the biggest and baddest chain of them all? The answer is rapper Rick Ross with his self portrait pendant. His iconic neckwear is an extravagant iced out piece that took the competition to an entirely new level in 2008. He then took this one step further in 2010, when he was seen wearing a chain of himself wearing a chain of his own face! Cost: $1,500,000

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It’s likely a safe bet to say that only one of these chains exists but, just as this is one of Rick Ross’ showpieces, this is one of ours: the 9ct Yellow Gold Iced Out Cubic Zirconia 3D Lion's Head Pendant. Expertly crafted, this gorgeous pendant is a real showstopper. Match it with our 9ct Yellow Gold Heavy Ornate Patterned Belcher Chain for a style Rick Ross would be proud of. If you enjoyed this, then why not read our post about some of the top jewellery collections in the UK rap scene? We’d also love to know which of these chains you preferred! Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.