Are you planning on proposing this summer? Do you want to have the perfect romantic proposal?  The engagement ring isn’t your only concern; it’s just as important to plan how you’re going to propose in order to ensure it’s a moment both you and your partner will never forget. With the weather beginning to brighten and warm up, it would usually be the perfect time to make the most out of the outdoors; but with mass lockdown restrictions in place as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, this is easier said than done.  Whether you choose to pop the question at a garden picnic or as part of an evening beneath the star-lit night skies, the current situation shouldn’t stop you from planning the perfect outdoor proposal! In this blog, we share six romantic proposal ideas for this summer.

A Picnic

A picnic in your garden, paired with some strawberries, chocolate and champagne is the perfect romantic date in the eyes of most; the only thing to make it better is that beautiful diamond ring. A classic 9ct gold engagement ring with diamonds is sure to add that extra element of sparkle to your partner’s day. If you live with family or friends you could even get them to help with the preparations to create an even bigger surprise element for your romantic proposal. 

A Hike

Of course, with the current situation it’s important to stick to the lockdown restrictions by maintaining social distancing and only going out for one piece of daily exercise. But for the more adventurous among us, consider incorporating your daily exercise into your engagement; even more so if you know a local hike with awe-inspiring views. Whether you have a nearby park or a local countryside trek, we suggest you take a route that you know well so not to add any extra stress to the day. Once you reach the perfect spot in your walk all that’s left to do is ask the big question.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great Easter activity for the kids, but they also make for a fun summer lockdown activity for all ages. Set up a trail around your house and garden with a series of clues, with each clue leading to a treat and another clue. Each treat should get increasingly appealing, maybe starting with a bar of chocolate, until your partner reaches the ultimate prize of a diamond engagement ring. Act as if it’s just an innocent lockdown activity and your partner won’t suspect a thing!

Recreate Your First Date

Putting some real thought into your proposal is guaranteed to make it truly romantic. By recreating your first date it adds that personal touch too. Of course, if your first date was in a bar, restaurant or abroad, it may be difficult to actually relive the date, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate it in the comfort of your own home!

Lazy Sunday Morning

If you’re looking for a more understated engagement and are wanting it to be a special moment between just you and your partner, then why not propose in the comfort of your own home on a lazy Sunday? On a fresh summer morning make a special breakfast that you can set up in the garden or take to bed, before listening to music, watching TV or whatever other lazy Sunday activities you feel like doing. When it feels like the right time, just pop the question! This simplified approach is sure to make you and the diamond ring the real star of the show.

A Night Under The Stars

With the night sky becoming clearer you can make the most of it by planning a romantic night under the stars. A top tip is to find a spot with little light pollution in order to get the clearest view for the utmost romance; whether this is from your balcony or a hidden corner in your garden. Choose a dazzling engagement ring with the perfect diamond cut and paired with a proposal under the stars, it’s sure to be a night your partner will never forget. We know how important that diamond ring is which is why we offer an engagement ring payment plan. Why not also read our guide on how much you should spend on an engagement ring in 2020? How will you be proposing this summer? We’d love to hear! Let us know over on Facebook or Instagram.