When it comes to men’s jewellery, solid gold chains are by far some of the most in-demand products alongside watches and rings. First brought to the forefront of the fashion industry by A-list celebrities and rappers, they’re now also highly popular amongst gold investors. This is because they often require less craftsmanship than other types of jewellery, such as watches or rings, therefore they tend to have smaller mark-ups and are considered a solid investment. But with so many different options to choose from, where do you start? Some of the most popular styles include belcher chains, curb chains and Miami Cuban link chains, but what if you’d like something a bit more unique? In this blog post, we take a look at some unique gold chains to add to your collection.  

Mariner Chains

Also known as anchor chains or gucci chains, mariner chains are probably the most widely-available style on this list. They can be found in a wide range of designs, but most mariner chains imitate the style of the steel chain attached to a boat anchor. These unique chains can be found in a variety of lengths and widths, however, we find they look best in bigger sizes – a width of 5mm is usually the thinnest that we recommend. They can also be worn together with matching bracelets for a bolder fashion statement, offering a more stylish, co-ordinated look. Mariner Chain Hatton Jewellers

T-Bar Chains

The origin of T-bar chains actually comes from back when pocket watches were in fashion towards the end of the 19th century. Also known as “Albert chains”, named after Prince Albert, these chains would attach to a pocket watch and the T-bar would be used to secure the chain through the buttonhole of a waistcoat. Today, many people still use T-bar chains in this way, particularly when attending a special event. However, they’re also popular to wear around the owner’s neck in the style of a normal gold chain. For those of you that are looking for a unique solid gold chain with a story behind it, T-bar chains are a great choice. T Bar Chain Hatton Jewellers

Cage Chains

This unique style gets its name from the way its links overlap in a similar way to the bars on a cage. Cage chains are most commonly found in yellow gold, but they also look great in white gold or even a multi-tone gold finish. They can be found in a range of lengths, but we find that 7.5mm is the perfect size in terms of width. The cage style is another great choice for bracelets too; when worn at the same time as a cage chain it can make your outfit look far more intentional and well-thought-out. Cage Chain Hatton Jewellers

Prince of Wales Chains

Also known as fancy gold twist chains, the Prince of Wales style is usually found in yellow gold or platinum and bears resemblance to a rope chain, but with solid curb links. This unique style features a very intricate, complex design that consists of a series of circular links, with each single link connected to at least four other links. It’s perfect for everyday wear but can also be worn for formal events or special occasions as a more subtle alternative to traditional gold chains. Prince Of Wales Chain Hatton Jewellers So there you have it, four of our favourite unique gold chains to add to your collection. Found a style that suits your taste? Why not check out our handy guide on how to choose the right size for your gold chain? What are your favourite styles of gold chains? We’d love to hear! Why not let us know on Instagram or Facebook?