Most of us don’t know how to correctly pack jewellery when off on an adventure;
gold chains get tangled, small earrings get lost in the depths of your bag, and you risk spending the entire journey worrying about delicate pieces getting damaged. 

When it comes to packing for a holiday there are normally two types of people…. One that shoves everything into their suitcase and the other that neatly folds everything, taking care to utilise all the space. From sophisticated leather necklace wraps to budget-friendly DIY jewellery packing hacks, there’s an abundance of easy ways to ensure your favourite pieces travel in style.  

In time for World Tourism Day (27th September), the team at Hatton Jewellers have come together to share clever ways to pack your glamorous accessories so they don't get tangled and damaged whilst travelling. 

Sophisticated Jewellery Travel Ideas

From beautiful leather jewellery wraps to multi-compartment travel boxes, there’s a wide selection of high-end, luxurious packing ideas to ensure your favourite jewellery pieces make it to your destination intact. 

Jewellery Boxes 

There’s no need to take your entire jewellery box full of every piece you own, so a smaller travel jewellery box is a great investment if you’re packing several pieces. Jewellery boxes usually contain different compartments designed to hold specific types of jewellery and can be locked to give an extra layer of protection. 

A jewellery box won't be as space effective as a leather roll, but if you have the room within your suitcase it’s one of the easiest solutions to ensure your jewellery stays safe. 

Silky Pouches 

Individual pouches are usually used to package your jewellery when you first purchase it - these are super practical and worth hanging on to! They’re great to use when travelling, as you can easily organise and store your finest pieces, gold chains and rings

It’s not the most efficient solution if you’re packing an abundance of accessories, but if you’re taking a few simple pieces these are an amazing solution. They’re perfect for storing multiple pieces; try using one bag for rings and one for earrings. 

Top Tip: To avoid your necklaces getting tangled leave a small amount of chain outside the pouch, then seal the opening. 

Leather Wraps

An innovative storage solution that will save space in your suitcase and protect your favourite jewellery from getting tangled and damaged. It's the perfect solution for a keen traveller and someone who is constantly on the go. 

Usually made from fabrics such as leather, they are designed with multiple compartments, zips and press stud sections for earrings, allowing you to keep different types of accessories safe. Once all of your jewellery is placed inside - simply roll it up and go! 

Inexpensive DIY Jewellery Hacks

If luxury solutions aren’t within your budget - don't worry! There's a wide range of ingenious, inexpensive DIY hacks that will prevent your jewellery from getting damaged and help save space in your luggage. 

The Straw Trick 

Are you worrying about how to travel with necklaces without them getting tangled? This trick is perfect for necklaces and bracelets that get easily tangled up - simply loop one end through a straw then fasten it. 

It sadly won’t work for large statement pieces, but for delicate accessories it’s a tried and tested trick. For bracelets, you will want to cut your straws down and loop the bracelet through. It’s as simple as that! 

The Bracelet Roll 

A great DIY method for all of your elasticated and adjustable accessories, especially bracelets, is the roll trick. Grab a cylinder-shaped object, such as an empty toilet roll, and slide your bracelets over it. Once your bracelets are placed onto the roll, cover it in a bag for extra protection; this will ensure your bracelets don't slide off and get lost in your suitcase. 

Pill Cases

Wondering how to store earrings for travel? A simple, inexpensive solution to packing your jewellery while travelling is a pill case. They are cheap to purchase and a great option for packing stud earrings and other small, delicate pieces of jewellery, such as gold rings. 

Every pair can have their own compartment, keeping them perfectly organised. You can even plan out which pair you want to wear each day prior to your trip.

The Card Method 

When it comes to earrings, the card method is the ultimate travel solution. Punch pairs of holes into some card and insert your earrings. Earrings that come with backs can be tightly secured to the card, whilst fish hooks slide through and will stay in place on their own. 

When you’ve attached all your pieces, place the card in a plastic bag so that if any earrings come loose during transit they’ll be caught in the bag. When you unpack they’ll be ready and waiting to style with your favourite outfits.

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