Ethical Christmas gifts can be just as glamorous and exciting as presents that are bought brand new, from elegant second-hand vintage watches to stylish clothing made from recycled materials. We’re all doing our bit to live more sustainably, so why shouldn’t that apply to our choice of Christmas presents too?

Eco-friendly gifts will bring a smile to every face as they unwrap their gifts on Christmas Day, especially friends and family who are conscious about taking a more sustainable approach to living.

In this blog, we reveal our favourite eco-friendly gifts that will make perfect presents for your loved ones, just in time for Christmas.


Think Local and Visit Independent Shops

When it comes to reducing the carbon footprint of your Christmas shopping, buying from smaller local and independent shops is the way to go. Even better, they may have a range of locally sourced products for sale that boost their eco-friendly credentials even further.

Whether it’s a delicious food basket full to the brim with locally sourced produce or homemade arts and craft goods that were created with the utmost care, these shops are often a treasure trove of thoughtful gift ideas. There are plenty of online resources that can help you track down local independent shops near you, including IndieRetail. Why not give them a try?

Give the Gift of Timeless Pre-Owned Jewellery

A beautiful second-hand piece of jewellery makes for a thoughtful and environmentally friendly Christmas gift. There’s a huge range of options on offer, from elegant 9ct gold bracelets to beautiful engagement rings that could make this festive season a truly special one.

Whether you know a hip-hop fan who wants to capture the look of their favourite rapper or have a specific gift in mind such as the perfect tennis bracelet, the choices are endless. If you’re shopping for jewellery online, it’s important to find a vendor you can rely on — take a look at our guide to spotting a trustworthy online jeweller for help ensuring you find the best deal.  

Help them Stand Out in Upcycled Fashion

The opposite of fast fashion is upcycled clothing, which can be just as chic and eye-catching as the styles found in more traditional stores. Transforming and repurposing vintage clothing into new and exciting looks has been a big trend in 2020, so this could be a great pick for the fashion lover in your life.

If you're in need of some upcycled fashion inspiration, why not start with London-based ELV denim? They transform unwanted jeans into fashionable new designs and are committed to an environmentally friendly zero-waste philosophy. Alternatively, take a look at Studio ALCH, an exciting brand that’s breathing new life into existing clothes and accessories.

For another ethical Christmas gift idea, how about making a contribution to a worthy cause? Some donations will come with gift packs or further information about the charity and its endeavours, but many will allow you to opt out of receiving these extras. That means you can reduce the carbon footprint of your Christmas present even further.

There are countless ways to donate as an alternative to traditional Christmas gifts this year, but we thought we’d share a couple of our favourite examples. The Woodland Trust provides the chance to help plant more trees for bees or dedicate an area of woodland to a loved one.  Meanwhile, WaterAid is offering a truly unusual gift — paying the cost of a bag of cement to produce a toilet base.

Wondering If Regifting is Appropriate in 2020?

Everyone has some good-as-brand-new items hanging around the house that they’ve never needed or even gotten around to using. According to Which, an astonishing £2.2 billion was spent on unwanted Christmas presents across the UK as recently as 2018.

Why not have a good sort out, making more space at home and provide some amazing, eco-friendly gift options? Regifting can be a controversial topic for some, but we believe that if  you can match the right present to the right person (and if it’s in the right condition), there’s nothing wrong with sharing something they’ll love just because it was originally bought for you.


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