Thanks to the rise of the internet, you can take your pick from a global network of jewellers. From purchasing the perfect engagement ring to investing in a luxury watch, you can find the finest pieces with just a few clicks. But when it comes to buying jewellery online, how do you know if you’re dealing with a dependable business?

Many people like to shop in store as it allows them to “try before they buy” and speak with experts to have any pressing questions answered. On the other hand, shopping for diamond or gold jewellery online has become extremely popular as it allows people to browse a wider range of products with minimal effort, often leading to a better price. However, when choosing an online jeweller, it can sometimes prove difficult to pick out the genuine from the fake.

In this blog post, we share some tips on how to spot a trustworthy online jeweller, so you can be sure that you’re getting a good deal.


Find and Read Recommendations

The experiences of other shoppers tend to be one of the most important factors when deciding where to buy jewellery online. After all, reading reviews is often the easiest and most effective way to find out about the quality of products and services. 

Many trustworthy jewellers will display reviews on their website; at Hatton Jewellers, we have a dedicated testimonials page that shows our most recent reviews from Trustpilot. Alternatively, searching for a store’s social media pages will highlight how a brand interacts with its customers and could give you an indication of the jeweller’s reputation.


Discover Their Contact Information

Expertise is one of the biggest indicators of a trustworthy ecommerce business. Just like professionals working in a highstreet store, an online jewellery retailer should be able to answer your questions.

Does the jeweller have a submission form where you can send an email? A contact page that displays their phone number? Or a live chat for instant messages? If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask them any questions that you might have about an individual product or their general service. It should be easy to contact an online jewellery retailer and they should answer your questions in a friendly and professional manner.


Look For Post-Sale Services

In today’s overcrowded and highly competitive online marketplace, it takes more than great products and low prices for online jewellers to stand out. So, look out for other services that jewellery retailers may provide that goes a step beyond their competitors. For example, reputable firms may also offer additional post-sale services like ongoing jewellery maintenance

Just like a jeweller with a physical store, many online retailers employ skilled horologists and craftspeople to personalise or alter pieces. At Hatton Jewellers, we have our own workshop that allows us to offer bespoke jewellery services such as repair, polishing and engraving.


In the UK, trusted highstreet jewellery retailers belong to the National Association of Jewellers (NAJ). But did you know there’s also a body for online jewellers? Formed in 2012, Assay Assured aims to protect people buying from jewellery shops online by performing regular audits, testing authenticity and ensuring all members comply with its code of conduct.

If an online jeweller is a member of an accredited body or certified by a third-party, they should display this on their website. Here at Hatton Jewellers, you can find the Assay Assured logo on all of our product listings. Alternatively, you can use the Assay Assured retailer search or locate their Assay Assured certificate to find out if a company is credible before completing checkout.


Check the Fine Print

When you’re choosing a gemstone necklace or diamond earrings in store, a member of staff should run you through the company’s terms of sale and refund policy. However, when shopping online, it’s your responsibility to check the fine print.

While you may have scrutinised the photos in detail, you have no chance to try on an item when buying online. If the colour of the stone isn’t quite what you expected or the piece doesn’t fit right, a reputable business should allow you to return it for a refund (providing it hasn’t been worn). Similarly, if the product comes with a warranty, check if this covers accidental damage and what kind of repairs are offered.


Inspect Listings and Images

It can be harder to assess a product’s level of quality when shopping online. And for jewellery, purchasing a genuine product from a reputable firm could be the difference between a good investment and a costly mistake.

Before adding the product to your cart, take a closer look at the listing. Check that the written description includes detailed information about the weight and quality of gold, and if applicable, the four C’s. Then ask yourself: Are weights and measurements listed? And is there any detail about gradings or valuations? This is crucial for diamonds, which is why all of our gemstones are certified by the World Gemological Institute (WGI).

The product photos should also provide further detail. This means they need to be high-quality, allowing you to zoom in and properly inspect the piece without the image becoming grainy. Then ask: Do these photos show different angles of the piece? And is the stamp or hallmark visible? If you’re looking to buy second hand jewellery online, the images should also highlight any imperfections.


Buying jewellery online requires additional research to ensure the retailer is trustworthy. Follow these tips to spot the reputable firms and avoid the rogues. You can also find more helpful advice in our guide to buying jewellery online.

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