How To Buy Jewellery Online

So, you’ve had your mind set on buying your next piece of jewellery for a while. You have a particular budget in mind and you know what type of metal you want. But what next?

Traditionally, your only option would be to visit a highstreet jewellery store in search of your perfect item. But nowadays this is far from the case, with online retail sales growing faster than ever before.

One of the main reasons buying jewellery online has become so popular is that you can often find amazing deals that you’d never come across in-store. Due to the abundance of online retailers, you’ll also have a lot more choice when shopping for jewellery online. The main concern with buying jewellery online is often the question “Can I trust the seller?”. Which takes us onto our next point, and probably the most important point in this article.


Do your research

Research is by far the most important aspect of buying jewellery online. As you can imagine, there are literally thousands of online jewellers. All these jewellers will specialise in different areas, so it’s important to consider exactly what it is you’re looking for. And, like with anything online, you’ll need to be mindful about websites selling counterfeit jewellery. There are countless factors to consider in the research stage, but we’ve highlighted some of the main points.

Online review sites

Online review sites can be a reliable way to decide whether or not to trust a retailer. Take time to read some of the reviews that people have shared in-depth before deciding whether the jeweller is a good fit for you. We’d recommend using established review sites such as Trustpilot where possible; if you’re reading reviews on the retailer’s website or on a less well-known review site, there’s every possibility the reviews could have been manipulated. It could also be wise to do a Google search for their brand name to see if anything concerning comes up.

Consider the 4 C’s when buying diamond

If you’re looking to invest in diamond jewellery it’s very important to consider the 4 C’s; Colour, Clarity, Carat and Cut. Diamonds can vary a lot between one another, so it’s really important that you consider each of these variables in order to decide what diamond is right for you. Why not check out our free guide for a more in-depth description of the 4 C's?

Ensure there is a returns policy

One of the main concerns that people often have with buying jewellery online is whether it will look how it did in the pictures. It’s only natural to have concerns about buying jewellery online, but this shouldn’t force you to miss out on an incredible offer. Ensure that your jeweller of choice has a returns policy and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ring size

People often assume that shopping for rings can be a tough task, especially if you don’t know the person’s ring size. But this simply isn’t true! There are tons of ring size guides online, and if you choose a jeweller that has the resources to make alterations then you’ll have no issues, even if the ring doesn’t fit.

Read each listing carefully

One great thing about buying jewellery online as opposed to in store is that you’ll generally be able to find a lot more information about each piece. Whereas in a jewellery store you’ll usually be presented with a price tag and nothing more, online you’ll be able to find detailed descriptions with information about the weight, size, carat and so on.

Saying that, it’s so important that you take time to read each listing carefully. Just because the listing says ‘Mens Gold Chain’ in the title doesn’t mean this is the case; the item could simply be gold-plated stainless steel, or something similar. Some of the more shady online jewellery stores will use this kind of tactic to trick you into buying something that isn’t worth as much as solid metals. If you can’t find any authentic jewellery within your budget, a better option could be to go second-hand instead of investing in gold or silver-plated jewellery.

Similarly, if you made the mistake of not reading online reviews or listings in-depth before ordering your item there’s one guaranteed way to ensure your jewellery is genuine. It’s illegal for any jewellery in the UK to be described as Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium unless it has been hallmarked. These different metals each have different numbers that relate to the weight, metal content and so on. When your jewellery arrives take a look for these numbers; they’ll usually be engraved somewhere on the piece.

If you’re buying from a ‘trusted’ online jeweller, you should also look out for the “Assay Assured” trustmark on your piece. This is a small hallmark with a specific symbol, depending on which of the four Assay Offices the jewellery was tested with. At Hatton Jewellers, we have our stock verified by the Edinburgh Assay Office, which is why you may notice a small hallmark with three towers on your fine jewellery. Why not use our free guide to find out more about the different marks to look out for when buying jewellery online?

Payment types

Once you’ve found your dream item, it’s time to decide how you’ll pay for it. Your first thought may be to pay for it in full, but this isn’t always the best option. Some online jewellery stores offer finance services to help spread the cost of your purchase over a period of time that suits you. Avoid any retailers that charge ridiculous interest rates – there are plenty of jewellery websites that offer interest-free finance options.


As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when buying jewellery online. But take the time to do your research and you might find that once-in-a-lifetime deal. Who knows, maybe you could use that extra bit of cash for the next piece on your wishlist?

If you’d still prefer the in-store jewellery experience, then why not visit our London Highstreet jewellery store in Poplar? We’re open from 9am-5.30pm Monday-Friday and 9.30am-5.30pm on Saturdays…