When it comes to iced out jewellery we usually end up thinking of blinged up hip-hop artists and rappers. Alongside unbelievable mansions and fast cars, recording artists are usually seen with large diamond encrusted jewellery, otherwise known as iced out jewellery. With their luxurious style, iced out pendants are a statement piece guaranteed to make sure all eyes are on you.

Do you want to know expert tips on making iced out jewellery, why the trend is booming in the jewellery industry, or what pieces are selling out? It's time to go behind-the-scenes and explore how iced out jewellery is made, and why the trend is here to stay. 

What is Iced Out Jewellery? 

‘Iced out’ is a term commonly used when referring to jewellery, including rings, chains, bracelets and watches that are covered in sparkling diamonds, enormous emeralds and more. Iced out jewellery is set with dozens or hundreds of glistening gemstones to create an ‘iced’ look. Iced out jewellery can be designed with an array of gemstones with many of the most famous pieces featuring stunning rubies and diamonds.

Expert Tips on Making Iced Out Jewellery

Iced out jewellery are pieces that are encrusted with precious stones, making them sparkle and showcasing their expensive diamond-adorned design! A gold bracelet by itself is a conspicuous sign of status, so having it dripping with diamonds really takes things to the next level. 

Experts at Hatton Jewellers share their simple tips to ensure you choose quality iced out pieces every time. It may seem obvious but, when it comes to making iced out jewellery, you need to ensure you select good quality stones that have an excellent cut, along with thick enough claws to hold the stones in place. Ensuring you are meeting this criteria will allow you to create a stand out piece that has heads turning. 

Why Did Hatton Jewellers Start Making Iced Out Jewellery? 

Here at Hatton Jewellers we understood that there was nothing too affordable in the market for precious metals. From diamond pieces to fake costume pieces, the market is huge and extremely competitive, so we brought a much more affordable range to market, a range that is available straight away as opposed to high-end custom-made pieces that can take months to complete and cost thousands of pounds. 

What Are Hatton Jewellers’ Best-Selling Iced Out Pieces? 

We sell a wide array of iced out jewellery, with our best-selling pieces being Rolex style bracelets and hip-hop style pendants. The Rolex Style Iced Out Presidential Bracelet is a popular choice, crafted from 9ct yellow gold and set with brilliant cut AAA grade white cubic zirconia gemstones - a piece that remains on trend year after year.

Another piece that is highly popular within our iced out hip-hop style range is our 9ct Yellow Gold Cubic Zirconia Iced Out 3D Jesus Head Pendant. An impressive 3D Jesus head pendant set with round brilliant cut, with cubic zirconia gemstones giving an added sparkle.

The Iced Out Jewellery Trend Is Here To Stay

There are many reasons why we think iced out jewellery is here to stay, starting with the most obvious - its popularity. Continuing to grow worldwide, hip-hop has had a huge influence on society and style trends, including bringing iced out jewellery to the forefront of the jewellery industry. 

Are you a fan of a gem set pyramid ring or is a presidential Rolex style ring more up your street? From diamond-covered chains and sparkling bracelets to a 3D Jesus Piece or a classic iced out Cuban link cherub medallion, there's an endless range of iced out designs for everyone to choose from - another reason why we can’t see this trend dying down.  

Finally, its unique style makes iced out jewellery unlike any other type of jewellery out there. People won't be able to take their eyes off you when you are glammed up and covered in iced out jewellery. The dazzling glimmer and sparkle that these crystals provide are almost impossible to miss - iced out jewellery will give the ultimate pop of bling to your style! 

Experts at Hatton jewellers also stated that: ‘Iced out jewellery is mainly crafted for men. Women have such huge gem set ranges but men historically have much less to choose from or have to go for a custom-made piece. We believe guys will always want iced out and these items can follow any trend or symbol. For example, we sell Joker and Saw pendants that are based on popular films - there will always be endless inspiration to come up with new designs.’

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