Pieces of jewellery such as gold chains and diamond rings have been a fashion staple for thousands of years, and what once was a symbol of wealth and prestige is now a fashion statement and a token of love. Jewellery has been popular throughout history, with people donning extravagant gold jewellery to show off their status. Today, many still aim to impress with the most glamorous and world-renowned pieces of jewellery. For years people have been trying to break world records, from the longest gold chains and heaviest gold rings to the largest gold accessories. This theme of record-breaking has piqued the interest of diamond enthusiasts too, with the Cullinan Diamond taking the top spot for the most expensive colourless diamond in history. In this blog post, we share some of the world’s record-breaking jewellery.

Incredible Gold Records

Gold is used to craft a range of different types of jewellery, including rings, bracelets, pendants and more. What’s more impressive is when those gold pieces are taken to the extreme and break records in the process. Here are some of the most famous pieces of gold jewellery...  

The World’s Longest Gold Chain

The Worlds Largest Chain

Photo Credit: www.guinnessworldrecords.com 

The world’s longest gold chain measures a staggering 5522m (5.5km), making it a record-breaking piece. The 22-carat gold chain was made by the Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group in January 2015. Gold chains for men, which have long been associated with rappers and other hip-hop artists, have also been worn as religious emblems or to hold medical information. Over time they have evolved, becoming a more versatile piece of jewellery that can signify both wealth and status. Finding the best men’s gold chain is mainly about picking the right length, but for some, it’s all about breaking records with the longest gold chain in history.

The World’s Most Expensive Gold Chain

Photo Credit: https://www.freshnessmag.com

One of the most expensive and undoubtedly extravagant gold chains, which was first thought to be an April Fool’s prank, is The Hundreds Chain. Made by Ben Baller, this chain features 26 kilograms of 18-carat gold, adorned with 700 carats of diamonds. This jaw-dropping piece is valued at around £2,476,400 (converted from USD), which, combined with its bold appearance, means it’s probably not your first choice for a Father’s Day gift, but we do have a lot of great alternatives.

The Largest Gold Ring

The Largest Gold Ring

Photo Credit: gulfnews.com

The world’s largest gold ring was created by Mokingran Jewellery Group Co. in Changle, China. Handcrafted in May 2016, the ring weighs an outstanding 82.2kg and is made from 24-carat gold, making it a truly fascinating recording-breaking statement piece.  Gold is typically synonymous with wealth, prestige and royalty. Wearing a gold ring is a great eye-catching way to add the finishing touch to your outfit - who wouldn’t want the biggest gold ring of them all?

The World’s Heaviest Earrings

The Heaviest Earrings

Photo Credit: https://weightofstuff.com/ 

Handcrafted using 22-carat gold, GRT Jewellers in Dubai created several pairs of gold chandelier earrings, weighing over 1 kilogram each. These earrings are said to be worth around £44,000 (converted from USD). Earrings are worn for all kinds of reasons, from spirituality and religious beliefs to status and style, so it’s no wonder that someone wanted to make the largest and the finest pair. You may struggle to wear the world’s heaviest earrings, but they are certainly an impressive piece of jewellery.  

The Largest Gold Nugget

Photo Credit: bbc.com

The Welcome Stranger is the world's largest gold nugget, weighing 11 stone (72kg) and measuring 61cm long when it was first discovered. The colossal nugget was discovered in 1869 by two Cornish miners, named John Deason and Richard Oates. Unfortunately, the nugget hasn’t remained intact. It was so big, in fact, that it had to be split in order to fit on weighing scales. Just imagine how many pieces of fine gold jewellery you could craft out of it!  

The World’s Most Expensive Gold Watch

The Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette has officially been named the most expensive gold watch in the world, with a price tag of £25 million. The intricate mechanism of this timepiece is encased in gold, making for a pocket watch fit for royalty. With a rich history, from first being made for former French queen Mary-Antoinette, to being stolen in Jerusalem, the watch now resides at the Museum of Islamic Art. If you’re looking for a piece that’s more within your price range than a record-breaking £25 million watch, we have a range of Rolex-inspired rings for chronometer enthusiasts so you can look the part without breaking the bank!

World’s Most Expensive Gold Car

Photo credit: https://www.autoevolution.com/

Although it’s not technically a piece of gold jewellery, it’s not a car either, but rather a 1:8 scale model of one. This miniature Lamborghini Aventador has been plated in solid gold and will set you back around £6 million (converted from USD). It also features 1,400 diamonds on the seats, making it a truly dazzling gold piece! Even though it’s not officially recognised as a piece of gold jewellery, there’s nothing stopping you from having it attached to a gold chain or storing it alongside your collection of gold rings and chains.  

Amazing Diamond Records

Equally as impressive as the world records for gold jewellery pieces are these famous diamond record-breakers. From the largest to the most expensive diamond, these gorgeous gemstones claim some truly incredible titles.

The Largest Cut Diamond

The Largest Cut Diamond

Photo Credit: https://www.rct.uk/ 

At 530.4-carats, the Cullinan I (or The Great Star of Africa diamond) is the largest cut, fine-quality, colourless diamond in the world. The stone had to be redesigned in 1910 to be mounted into the head of the Sovereign’s Sceptre with Cross, where it still is today.  The Cullinan I was the largest cut diamond in the world until 1985, when the Golden Jubilee diamond was discovered. Found in the Premier Mine, at 545.67-carats it was the new record-breaker. However, the Cullinan I diamond still holds the record as the largest clear, colourless, cut diamond in the world.

The Most Expensive Diamond per Carat

The Most Expensive Diamond

Photo Credit: http://www.thejewelleryeditor.com/ 

The most expensive diamond, per carat, is called the Blue Moon of Josephine, which is valued at an astonishing £2,665,890 ($4,028,940). The cushion-shaped, flawless blue diamond is made up of 12.03-carat, found in the Cullinan mine in 2014. Not only does it hold the record for being the most expensive, it was also the first diamond to surpass $4 million per carat at auction.  Over the centuries diamonds have symbolised love, purity and faithfulness. Known as love-bearing crystals, they make engagement rings and other pieces of jewellery extra special. These sparkling stones are certainly eye-catching, so imagine a gold band or necklace with the most expensive diamond on — breathtaking!

The Ring With the Most Diamonds 

Ring With Most Diamonds

Photo Credit: www.townandcountrymag.com 

Created in India by a 25-year-old jeweller and his company, Renani Jewels, this ring holds an incredible 12,638 diamonds, making it the world record holder for the most diamonds set on one ring. Claiming international recognition, this ring is truly the definition of bling.  Using 38.08-carat gold, no two petals are the same on the eight-layered marigold-inspired ring. The ring is wearable and comfortable according to Renani Jewels, however, it weighs 165g, making it a very heavy piece for your hand. But nevertheless, with its impressive weight and craftsmanship, this ring truly deserves its record-breaking title.  Do you know any more record-breaking jewellery moments? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook. For more articles like this, check out the Hatton Jewellers blog.