Alongside watches and rings, gold chains are one of the biggest statement pieces in mens jewellery. However, for many, choosing and styling a gold chain is somewhat intimidating.

With such a huge range of designs, which chain should you choose? There’s an abundance of styles from finer looking cage chains to heavier statement pieces like a chunky curb chain, so choosing and styling a chain relies predominantly on your own personal style and preference. However, a gold chain is one of the most versatile jewellery options available for men. 

In this blog post, we take a look at different chains as well as tips on how best you can style them.

Choose Your Metal

It’s without doubt that a heavy gold chain is the most luxurious choice, however, there are a number of alternatives that may be more in keeping with your style. While gold is a colour that demands attention, silver creates a classic effect. If you prefer something subtle, a silver chain may be a more effortless and comfortable option, as it doesn’t have quite the same association with rappers and the grunge music scene. 

However, bare in mind that the metal will define exactly how the chain is going to look, therefore it’s wise to choose a higher quality piece instead of looking for cheaper alternatives. We recommend looking for mens 9ct gold chains in order to create the most opulent effect. What’s more, this hard-wearing metal will look stylish for years to come.

Chain Lengths

The length of chain depends on an array of factors; from your height, weight and personal preference on how long you want your chain to be. Take a look at our guide to choose the right chain length for you.

When looking for a simple design without a pendant, the length of 20-22 inches works well for most men for the chain to rest  just below the collar bone. Yet, for a pendant or more extravagant chain, the optimum chain length is between 25-28 inches or even longer to allow the chain to hang in the middle of the chest.

Types Of Chains

There are a variety of different styles of chains; the thicker the chain the more of a statement it tends to make, whereas a thinner chain will give you a more subtle and classic look. 

Some of the most popular chains are: belcher chains made from ‘D’ shaped links which are fairly broad and consistent in size and shape; curb chains featuring links that are flattened and have been twisted to interlock together; and miami cuban link chains which rounder and bolder than some of the other chain styles on the market.

Additionally there are multiple more unique chains that you add to your collection.

Styling Your Chain

Styling a big chain necklace can often be difficult to do without feeling like you're trying to imitate some of the worlds biggest rappers. Whether you’re looking for bling or something understated, chains can be worn to suit anybody's style. Wearing your chain either on top of or underneath a t-shirt or shirt will  create two different effects, both adding character and a personal touch to an outfit, while wearing underneath a shirt creates a more understated look. 

When wearing your gold chain, look to be arranging it against a black or dark coloured top for a sophisticated contrast. With a silver or gold chain, opt for a traditional palette of colours, such as a navy blue, grey or olive green to create that refined stylish effect.

Finally, try layering chains to add an element of interest to an otherwise everyday, plain looking outfit. We suggest mix and matching complementary styles and metals to create a modern multidimensional look.

Which style of chain will you be wearing? How will you be styling your new gold chain? We’d love to hear! Get in touch over on Facebook or Instagram.