How To Choose The Right Chain Or Necklace Length

The popularity of solid gold chains has skyrocketed in recent years, and for a good reason. With such an abundance of styles on the market, gold chains make the ideal accessory for almost any occasion; from a 22 inch, 6mm curb chain for everyday wear to a 36 inch, 7.5mm cage chain for special events.

However, this abundance of styles can present itself as an obstacle when it comes to finding the perfect gold chain. Combine this with the endless choice of lengths and widths to choose from, and the process of searching for a gold chain can quickly become a minefield unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.

In this blog, we discuss how to choose the right length for your gold chain or necklace.


Why Is It Important To Get The Right Length Of Chain?

Firstly, certain chain lengths may not even fit you depending on your height and weight.

Furthermore, certain types of gold chain look better at certain lengths. For example, cage chains are most popular in lengths between 26 to 40 inches due to their chunky, bold style. Contrarily, curb chains are very popular for choker-style chains, commonly between 14 to 20 inches. If you choose the wrong length for your chain, this can ruin the whole “look” that you were going for.


What Chain Lengths Are Available?

Women’s chain and necklace lengths typically start from 16 to 18 inches and men’s from 20 to 22 inches, going all the way up to 40 inches. Of course, custom-made pieces can be significantly longer.


How Can I Find My Perfect Chain Length?

Consider The Style

As mentioned, the perfect chain length very much depends on the “look” that you’re going for. If you’d like a bold, statement piece then a longer chain is your best bet. However, if you’d like a more subtle piece for everyday wear then a shorter chain would probably be a better option. 


Look At Some Pictures

Once you have an idea of the kind of style that you’d like to buy, we recommend having a look at some pictures online. If you have a specific type of chain in mind then it could help to find some pictures of a model wearing this type of chain in a range of different lengths, such as the images below. It’s important to try and find a model with a similar physique to yourself.

36" Belcher Chain - Hatton Jewellers

36 inch, 7.5mm gold belcher chain

22" Belcher Chain - Hatton Jewellers

22 inch, 7.5mm gold belcher chain

In order to do this, simply visit an online jewellers’ website and browse some of their product images. Alternatively, search for the specific type of chain and length that you have in mind using Google Images; for example, “26 inch rope chain on model”.


Use A Tape Measure

Use a paper tape measure to imitate the shape of a gold chain and hang it around your neck at various different lengths. It could also help to look in a mirror whilst doing this to see how your chosen length might look from different perspectives. You could even take some pictures with your phone to get a second opinion from friends and family.


Ask For Some Help

Finally, if you’re still unsure what size of gold chain to buy then why not ask for some help? Here at Hatton Jewellers we have a handy live chat feature on our website with a jewellery expert constantly on-hand to answer your queries. 

Alternatively, you could visit our jewellery store in Hatton Garden to speak to one of our jewellery experts in-person. If you choose to come to our store then you could even try on some different gold chains to see how they fit in real life.


Hopefully you have everything that you need to find the perfect length for your next gold chain or necklace. Do you have any other tips for finding the right chain length? Why not let us know on Facebook or Instagram?