From never cleaning our gold rings to storing gold chains incorrectly, there's an abundance of mistakes every one of us is making when it comes to taking care of our jewellery. Do you wonder if you can swim in your earrings? Want to know how to stop necklaces getting tangled? Are you unsure how to keep your pieces gleaming? 

In this blog post, Hatton Jewellers have put together the top twelve mistakes people are making with their jewellery and advice on how to avoid them. These will help you save money, time and extend the lifespan of your bling. 

By following our home-maintenance cleaning hacks, you’ll not only keep your jewellery sparkling but also help your pieces stand the test of time.

Wearing the Same Jewellery Everyday 

It's easy to slip on the same pieces day in, day out - some of us almost never take our jewellery off! However, you should take them off for a whole host of reasons, from sleeping and showering to cleaning them every one to two weeks. 

You should give all of your jewellery a good clean with warm soapy water and a soft brush on a regular basis, especially pieces like stud earrings where bacteria can collect at the back. 

Secondly, you will more than likely get bored of accessorising your outfits with the exact same pieces, time and time again. You should spend time thinking about the jewellery in your collection and how you can use every piece on a regular basis. 

You may even have some gaps in your collection that you're hoping to fill, so why not make a plan to add more pieces over time and take your accessories to the next level? 

Never Taking it Back to the Jewellers After Purchasing 

Many jewellers recommend taking your pieces back to them for a check up every six to twelve months, with pieces such as watches requiring even closer inspections every few years. Just like a car service you should never skip getting your jewellery looked at. Many jewellers will actually do it for free, extending the lifespan of your favourite gold chains, rings and more. 

Assuming You Can’t Take It to a Jewellers You Didn’t Buy It From

People automatically assume that if they didn't buy a piece from a jewellers, they won’t fix it - this is not the case! Fixing loosened clasps and broken chains can help to extend the lifespan of your favourite pieces and it's an extremely inexpensive thing to do. Your glamorous pieces may hold a lot of sentiment and memories, so they deserve to be cared for - get to your local jewellers and give your jewellery its sparkle back. 

Never Cleaning Your Jewellery

Wearing jewellery on a regular basis means it will begin to harbour germs and dirt, so it’s of utmost importance to clean your pieces. Built-up grime and tarnish can be easily missed when you are wearing it each day, but it can still be noticed by others. Jewellery needs to be cleaned in lukewarm water to kill any bacteria - remember to always avoid using sanitiser as this could affect the polish of your jewellery. 

You should schedule at-home maintenance and cleaning for your jewellery every couple of weeks, even if you are regularly getting it cleaned by a specialist. Not cleaning your jewellery properly can compromise the settings of stones and damage your favourite pieces. 

Using DIY Cleaning Methods

From using lemon juice and bicarbonate to baking soda and toothpaste, there are many at-home cleaning methods that can do more harm than good to your jewellery. When it comes to home maintenance on your jewellery the strongest thing you should use is dish soap. 

Toothpaste may be a popular cleaning hack and it can remove tarnish from silver, but it’s still too  abrasive - the same goes for baking soda. While it’s better to make an effort to clean your jewellery on a regular basis, not all cleaning methods are worth the risk and may permanently damage your sparkling bling. 

Not Storing Your Jewellery Correctly

We all want our jewellery to last a lifetime - the key to this is properly storing your pieces. This will avoid discoloration and damage, so use a jewellery box with a soft linen lining to help avoid your pieces getting scratched. 

You should always avoid storing jewellery in humid rooms, such as the bathroom, as this can lead to them tarnishing quickly - meaning more time spent cleaning your pieces. Also consider storing them in an enclosed box, to avoid dust collecting from the open air. Having separate compartments for each piece is also wise, as there's nothing worse than finding your necklace all tangled up - ensure your jewellery box has spaces dedicated to earrings, fine necklaces, chains, rings and more. 

Showering or Swimming With Jewellery On

There’s a whole host of reasons to avoid wearing your favourite gold rings and chains in water. Jewellery can generally withstand a dip in the pool or a quick shower, but don’t get into the habit of not taking it off before your daily shower or a long soak in the bath. 

The long-lasting effects of hard water and soap are hard to clean off your favourite jewellery pieces; this is also the same for costume pieces, as it can loosen any glue that holds the piece together or even make it rust.

A wedding band is fine for everyday showers, but it's worth taking them off to avoid chemicals from your soap building up overtime. It can even lead to rings loosening, so it's really not worth the risk! Finally, avoid the pool and the sea as chlorine can cause discoloration and salt water can erode metal and dull diamonds - something nobody wants!

Not Clasping Necklaces Once Taking Them Off

Tangled up necklaces are always a pain, but it can easily be avoided. When you take off your necklace, close it and hang the necklace on a jewellery tree or a push pin - you’ll never have to sit struggling to unknot a chain again!

Another great way to avoid tangles is to use the straw trick, a great packing hack when travelling. You can pull one end of the necklace through a straw and clasp it at the other end, making it impossible for necklaces to tangle. 

Top Tip - If the necklace does get tangled, lay it down on a flat surface and use two pins to gently tease the knot out. Holding the necklace in the air whilst trying to untangle it isn’t a great idea, as gravity will pull the knot back into place. 

Not Wearing Properly Sized Rings

It is highly recommended that you get your ring size correct before making a purchase, as this will cause minimum delays and limit any additional costs. Take the time to understand ring sizes and get measured properly, because if the ring is loose you are more likely to damage or even lose it. Before you purchase a ring, you should invest in a ring sizer or visit a jeweler in person to get an accurate size measurement. 

Never Insuring Your Jewellery

When it comes to insuring your jewellery, your home insurance policy should have a jewellery provision, but you are likely to need additional cover to insure any expensive pieces you own.  When it comes to getting your jewellery insured, it offers real peace of mind - if anything happens to your favourite accessories you know you'll be covered. 

Remember, it’s wise to reach out to a certified gemologist to find out how much your glamorous pieces are worth before you have your jewellery insured. 

Not Considering the Ethics Behind Your Pieces

When heading out to buy some glamorous pieces, from gold chains to diamond rings, you should always educate yourself before making a purchase. Consider the materials used to make the pieces and whether the gemstones are ethically sourced, as well as whether the seller makes the jewellery in house. 

It’s a great idea to ask the jeweller about the materials used and the ‘ins and outs’ of the pieces you are wishing to purchase - this will help you provide them with the best care possible. 

Not Choosing a Necklace to Match Your Neckline

Stop throwing on the same old necklace or pendant with every outfit you own, and consider the different lengths available and what works best to enhance your overall look. You can even purchase necklace extenders to easily vary the length of any necklaces you love to wear.

It will add style and interest to your wardrobe when you mix up your accessories - grab an array of designs for your jewellery collection and be ready to catch people's eyes! 

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