The extravagant jewellery pieces modelled by celebrities at red-carpet events and awards ceremonies are often one of the hottest talking points of the entire year. Frequently paired with a breathtaking dress, sharp three-piece suit or something more Met Gala, expensive jewellery pieces are often the focal point of celebs’ lavish ensembles. Riding the coattails of 2023’s biggest jewellery trends, Hatton Jewellers is shining the spotlight on the most expensive jewellery pieces worn by celebrities this year. You can also emulate their fashion choices and elegance with top picks from our own range - which thankfully don’t require a movie star’s bank balance.

Dua Lipa

Sister Necklace to the “Legendary” Tiffany diamond

Earlier this year, Dua Lipa made history by becoming the first person to wear the 106-carat Tiffany white diamond, which was created in homage to the legendary Tiffany diamond The famous yellow stone, which shares a near-identical cushion cut to Dua’s choice, has only ever been worn by an extremely short list of women:Audrey Hepburn, Mrs E. Sheldon Whitehouse, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé.  Valued at around £10 million, the stunning white diamond was a magnet for paparazzi lenses as Dua paraded the Met Gala and made herself a popular pin on many women’s fashion mood boards.  

dua lipa tiffany diamond Image credit: John Shearer/WireImage

Get Dua Lipa’s Met Gala look

Using Dua’s look as inspiration, we’ve picked out a beautiful white gold diamond necklace from our collection which will ensure that you will “Be the One” who’s at the centre of the attention.

18ct White Gold 0.50ct Diamond Necklace - 11 mm


Bulgari High Jewellery platinum necklace

Also attending the Met Gala that evening was international superstar Rhianna, who had already set an impressively high bar for accessorising with expensive jewellery at the Superbowl when she sported an estimated £3 million in jewels.   Smashing that figure out of the park, Rhi Rhi set foot at the event sporting roughly £25 million in jewellery. The statement piece of her outfit, though, was a Bulgari High Jewellery platinum necklace featuring no less than 561 diamonds, which was kept company by Belperron earrings and a unique version of a Verdura Maltese cross cuff.   

Image credit: Twitter

Get Rhianna’s Met Gala look

  While Rhianna’s choice of jewels here is pretty unique and difficult to find an exact replica, you can capture the essence of her style through a few different necklaces. By layering the chains and diamond necklaces in our collection you can achieve her opulent layered diamond look.

18ct White Gold 0.50ct Claw Set Diamond Necklace - 6 mm

9ct White Gold Solid Italian Made Bevelled Curb Chain - 4.6mm


Ethan Hawke

Altiplano 900D Ultimate High Jewellery watch by Piaget

Eager to dazzle with a luxurious timepiece, the Hollywood heavyweight sported the Altiplano 900D Ultimate High Jewellery watch by Piaget at the premiere of short film ‘Strange Way of Life’.  The edition which Ethan wore features an 18k white-gold case adjusted with an extra bezel structure, and is emblazoned with an outstanding display of baguette-cut and round-cut diamonds. The non-diamond encrusted model retails for roughly £30K, which leaves the imagination to run wild over the value of this particular piece…

Image credit:

Get Ethan Hawke’s film premiere look

Keeping your wrist company with a captivating piece of jewellery is one of the best ways to accessorise, and in this case we’re subbing out Ethan’s Altiplano watch for an equally impressive Rolex Style Gem Set Presidential Bracelet.  This piece is designed to replicate the traditional ‘watch strap’ style but swaps out the clock face in favour of more brilliant white cubic zirconia gemstones.

9ct Gold Rolex Style Gem Set Presidential Bracelet - 8" - Gents

Margot Robbie

Lorraine Schwartz black jade & diamond earrings 

She may be a Barbie girl but she’s very much in the real world and blowing away on-lookers with truly elegant jewellery choices. The 72-carat emerald, black jade and diamond earrings by Lorraine Schwartz accentuated Margot’s outfit perfectly, acting as extensions of her sensational black dress.  No official value has been mentioned, although with the calibre of gemstones on show, it’s safe to say we’re reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

Image credit: Instagram

Get Margot Robbie’s Oscar’s look

The most striking aspect of Margot’s look is the pairing of black, creating a bold and classy look which is well-coordinated. While you could opt for a pair of emerald cut earrings to take a slightly different approach, we’ve decided to replicate the light/dark contrast with these Sapphire & Cubic Zirconia Cluster Stud Earrings.

9ct Yellow Gold Sapphire & Cubic Zirconia Cluster Stud Earrings - 8mm

Michael B. Jordan

Two Tiffany Bird on a Rock Brooches

Brooches are a beautiful and traditional way of accessorising, helping to create a look built on class. Choosing this style himself, Michael B. Jordan opted for two of the renowned Bird on a Rock Brooches, with one comfortably placed above the other.  The pieces consisted of one brooch with a pavé diamond bird and a pink sapphire, and the other with 18-karat yellow gold, a spectacular green tourmaline of over 58 carats and a diamond-accented bird with a pink sapphire. While it’s likely these pieces are custom, estimated pricing suggests that both pieces land well clear of the £100K mark.

Image credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Get Michael B. Jordan’s Oscar’s look

Drawing on Michael’s choice to style colourful gemstones, we’ve plucked out one of our favourite Eternity Rings. This piece features 9ct Yellow Gold, a 0.40ct Emerald and a cluster of diamonds to accentuate the eye-catching green gemstone. 

9ct Yellow Gold Diamond & 0.40ct Emerald Eternity Ring

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