Second Hand Engagement Rings

Second Hand Engagement Rings: The New Way To Propose?

There really is no better feeling than watching the love of your life walk down the aisle, ready to take your hand in marriage. Months of hard work and preparation all comes together for what most couples agree is the best day of their life.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Before you get to experience this you actually need to pop the question! Odds are you’ll already have some idea of how you’re going to ask. But have you considered how to go about finding your bride-to-be’s dream engagement ring? As one of the top wedding expenses, this is something that you need to put some serious thought into.

Before the 1980s, engagement rings were just a fraction of the price they are today. This was until De Beers launched an advertising campaign that would change the diamond jewellery industry forever. The campaign was built with the aim of getting people to spend more, suggesting that you should spend at least two months’ salary on an engagement ring to show your partner “what the future will be like”.

This seemed to be pretty widely accepted back then, and it’s still common for people to stick to this ‘rule’ even today. But with Brexit looming over us and everyone still feeling the effects of the 2008 Recession, being able to spend two months’ salary on a wedding ring isn’t entirely realistic anymore.

But this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality. From booking your big day on a weekday to hiring skilled relatives to help out with elements such as baking the cake, there are countless ways that you can make savings without missing out on your dream wedding.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss one of the most popular trends that people are using to save on their wedding without sacrificing quality: buying a second-hand engagement ring.


It’s the smarter option

People often assume that buying second-hand engagement rings is taking the ‘cheap’ route. Which is true; you can make huge savings. But it’s also a much smarter option than buying your ring brand new. The thing that a lot of people don’t know about diamonds is they lose value the second you walk out of the shop with them. Sometimes the price will depreciate by as much as 80% of their in-store value. This is in part down to the work done by De Beers throughout the 20th century, with countless advertising campaigns like the one we mentioned above. With this in mind, buying pre-owned engagement rings really is the smarter option if you want to minimise financial losses and get more for your money.

You won’t be ‘sacrificing quality’

One of the most common concerns about buying second-hand engagement rings is that you’ll be missing out on the higher-quality jewellery, even if you do get more for your money. But this couldn’t be further from the truth! It’s impossible to scratch or chip diamonds, which means it’s near impossible to tell the difference between a 5-year-old diamond and one that has been freshly cut. And with the money that you will have saved from going second-hand, you could even buy something a bit fancier than you had originally planned for.

It’s good for the environment

In certain parts of the world the mining of diamonds can cause serious environmental and sociological problems; hence the tag ‘blood diamonds’. When buying new diamond jewellery, you should always ask for proof that it has been sustainably mined. But of course, by buying second-hand engagement rings you can guarantee that you’re not contributing to the demand for new diamonds.

More affordable payment options

If you were planning to buy a brand-new engagement ring from a household-name jewellery store, here’s another reason to reconsider. One of the other great things about buying second-hand engagement rings is that you’ll often have access to finance options. Online retailers, such as ourselves at Hatton Jewellers, offer 0% Interest-Free Credit to help you spread the cost of your engagement ring over a period of time that suits you. Even second-hand engagement rings can be pretty expensive compared to your average piece of jewellery. So, this can be a great option to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible with your purchase and don’t risk breaking the bank.


With couples spending significantly less on engagement rings than just ten years ago, buying a used engagement ring can be a great way to get more for your money. Just imagine the smile on your fiancée’s face when she tries on her perfect engagement ring for the first time…