At Hatton Jewellers, we pride ourselves on our timeless pieces of jewellery. At the same time, we know that changing trends make certain pieces must-haves for the year. To help you stay iced-out in style, we've compiled a list of the stunning jewellery trends set to shine in 2024. 

From the necklaces that dazzled recent runways to the metals and materials set to be the stars of the new year, with our guide, you can ensure your pieces fit the fashions of 2024 perfectly.

Earring Jewellery Trends

Statement earrings have risen in recent years and are set to continue in 2024. Statement hoops, in particular, have been seen in fashion shows by designers like Carolina Herrera and Naeem Khan.

Your statement earrings won’t need to be worn as a pair in 2024, though. A single statement earring, as seen in Dion Lee and Gurang fashion shows, is a striking asymmetrical jewellery trend set to boom. Mismatched earrings are yet another magnificent choice for 2024 statement jewellery, seen on the runways of Schiaparelli, Valentino and Fendi.

Bracelets and Bangles Jewellery Trends

Drawing the eye to the wrist will be a firm theme in 2024. Bold and chunky bangles, like our heavyweight gold bangles, are a key emerging trend, grabbing attention at the fashion week shows of Loewe and Carolina Herrera. 

Another statement bracelet choice for 2024 is the gauntlet-style wrist cuff, championed by Rubanne, Balmain, Khaite and Schiaparelli. 

However, bold and chunky isn’t a must. For men in particular, subtle and minimalist bracelets will be in fashion too. 

Necklace Jewellery Trends

2024 is all about necklace length. According to Dior, Vivienne Westwood and Valentino, Choker-length chains are the trend. Don’t cast your longer chains aside, though, as layered necklaces, meaning wearing chains of different lengths, were seen on Ralph Lauren's and Louis Vuitton's runways. 

As for the style of your chains? Bold is the way to go, as evidenced in Gabriela Hearst and Gucci’s runways. Luckily, Hatton Jewellers proudly offers a selection of exquisite heavy chains for both your wrist and neck to follow this eye-catching fashion. 

Ring Jewellery Trends

Statement rings are set to trend in 2024, as seen in collections of Missoni and Rabanne. Thanks to this, we expect solid metal rings, such as signet rings, to boom, whether plain or engraved. 

For men, stacking bold rings will be a stand-out style for the new year. 

Key Materials in 2024 Trending Jewellery

Bold gold will be central to jewellery trends in 2024 as part of the art deco resurgence in fashion. Gucci, Tom Ford, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, Ferrari, Brandon Maxwell and more featured spectacular gold pieces in their shows. Silver isn’t banished completely, though, starring in the statement earrings of Palomo Spain and Gabriela Hearst. 

In terms of gemstones, diamonds remain a fashion favourite, glittering on the runways of Tiffany and Altuzarra. Pearls are another popular jewellery staple for 2024, especially those of the large and bold variety, as seen in Versace and Sixdo shows. 

Can I Repurpose My Existing Jewellery for Trends?

There’s no need to cast existing pieces aside for trends. You’ll likely find that many of your pieces fit the current trend or are timeless pieces that surpass trends over time.

If you wish to repurpose any of your jewellery for 2024, this is something Hatton Jewellers will happily help with. For example, your chains can easily be resized to fit the trending necklace lengths. 

Discover our resizing guide to learn more. 

Do I Have to Follow Jewellery Trends?

Trends are a suggestion, not a rule. If the trends of 2024, or any other year, are at odds with your individual taste, you are under no obligation to follow them. Investing in the jewellery pieces you find most beautiful is far more important and allows you to express your style. 

At Hatton Jewellers, we offer a range of pieces to fit current trends, retro styles, timeless looks and more, so you’re bound to find a stunning piece to fit your personal fashion. 

Are Jewellery Trends Consistent Throughout the Year?

The consistency of a trend is dependent on many things, from material abundance or scarcity to sociocultural developments around the world.

For this reason, trends can last for just one season, a full year, a decade or throughout an era. 

Can Old Jewellery Trends Come Back into Style?

Trends famously ebb and flow, and many popular styles come back into fashion- especially nostalgic styles and trends associated with beloved fashion and design movements. Hoop earrings, set to be in style this year, were previously a classic style of the seventies. Chunky bangles, too, have drifted in and out of fashion favour since the sixties. 

To discover more jewellery trends that recur in fashion over time, read our guide to timeless jewellery

Select the exquisite pieces you’ll wear throughout 2024 and beyond with Hatton Jewellers today. Plus, you can contact us or see our FAQs for any questions.