Shopping for gold jewellery is exciting. There’s nothing better than the buzz of holding a brand new, shining piece of gold that’s been carefully crafted into a beautiful ring, bracelet or necklace. 

However, jewellery isn’t made to simply languish in the bottom of your jewellery drawer waiting to be worn. It’s designed to be shown off! That’s why it’s important to select timeless pieces wisely instead of diving into a quick impulse purchase for that feel-good factor. 

In this piece, Hatton Jewellers shares top tips for choosing timeless jewellery that will always stay in fashion. 

What Is Timeless Jewellery?

Timeless jewellery never goes out of style. When you invest in a piece of jewellery that you can wear time and time again, no matter what the occasion, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect accessory to accompany you through all life’s little adventures! 

Gold jewellery will never go out of style. It has been a sign of class and wealth throughout history and, with so many beautiful designs in existence, it’s not hard to see why. Whether it’s a gold ring you wear every day or a cherished gold chain you only wear for special events, timeless jewellery always provides a high-quality, stylish option. 

Why Is Gold Timeless?

Gold is an effortlessly elegant jewellery choice that can elevate your whole look. Today, you see people adorned in fine gold jewellery and if you were to look in your grandma's jewellery box, you’d be sure to find some gold jewellery treasures too. But why is gold such a timeless option when it comes to jewellery? 

Unlike diamonds, which depreciate in value as soon as they are worn, gold jewellery maintains its value so it can make a great investment opportunity. Gold jewellery is also an extremely versatile option that can be worn for any occasion with almost any colour or style of outfit. High-quality solid gold jewellery is made to last so you can wear it for years to come without worrying about it tarnishing, breaking or going out of fashion. 

Five Timeless Gold Jewellery Items Every Woman Needs

    1. Gold Necklace
    2. Diamond Ring
    3. Charm Bracelet 
    4. Solid Gold Hoop Earrings
    5. Torque Bangle

Five Timeless Gold Jewellery Pieces For Men

    1. Gemstone Ring
    2. Solid Gold Chain
    3. Classic Curb Bracelet
    4. Iced Out Pendant
    5. Gold Signet Ring

Consider Quality Over Quantity With Gold Jewellery

When it comes to gold jewellery, you’re far better off investing in a high-quality piece that will last you a lifetime versus picking up cheaper options to bulk out your collection. 

For example, steer away from gold-plated or sterling silver pieces and step up your style with solid gold jewellery. 18ct or 9ct solid gold jewellery is much more durable and less likely to tarnish. If you look after your solid gold jewellery correctly, it will last far longer than a cheaper gold-plated piece. 

If you’re all about the diamonds, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what a diamond is worth. A natural diamond, for example, is more valuable than a lab-grown diamond thanks to its rarity and authenticity. If you’re looking for timeless jewellery you can pass down through the generations, a stunning high-quality diamond piece should be a priority. 

Wait a while, save up and select a quality diamond as opposed to throwing money at a tiny carat diamond with poor clarity. After all, diamonds are forever. 

Mix Up How You Wear Your Gold

Unless you’re creatively displaying an extensive gold jewellery collection, it’s simply no good keeping a mountain of similar pieces you never wear. If you get easily bored of wearing the same old accessories, try mixing up your style rather than buying an entirely new piece.

Women’s bracelets, for example, can be worn in a multitude of ways. Layer up two different types of bracelets, such as a curb bracelet teamed with a stylish gold bangle, to create a unique look. This will help you to make the most of your existing jewellery collection.

Men can also experiment with their jewellery collection. If you’re a fan of statement pieces such as iced out pendants, you could mix things up by adding a bold gold men’s ring to your ensemble. Selecting just one or two great pieces will help you create your very own signature style. 

Gold Costume Jewellery vs Fine Gold Jewellery

Put simply, fine jewellery is the real deal. It is made out of quality natural gemstones and precious metals. Think sparkling diamonds set in stunning solid gold. Costume jewellery, sometimes known as fashion jewellery, is often made out of base metals and simulated stones. Base metals such as brass or aluminium tarnish easily, and simulated stones made from materials like plastic or glass lack the shine and character of precious materials. 

Fine jewellery not only looks more impressive, it is designed to be long lasting. Plus, it will retain its value as time passes, compared to fashion jewellery which may break, tarnish or simply go out of style over time. Of course, fine jewellery is more expensive than costume jewellery. In today’s ‘fast fashion’ world, costume jewellery is often seen as a great way to add a bit of bling to your outfit. However, if you’re wanting a piece of jewellery that will stand the test of time, you'll never need to worry about replacing your fine gold jewellery. 

When buying fine jewellery, make sure you look out for a hallmark stamp. This highlights the metal your jewellery is made from, providing proof that you’re purchasing a high quality piece. 

Should You Choose Trendy Or Timeless Jewellery?

The latest jewellery trends might not always stick around, so don’t spend a fortune keeping up with the ‘must have’ item of the season when it could be out of style in just a few months. 

Ear climbers and 90s chokers might have had their time in the spotlight, but they’re now firmly outdated. Stick to timeless trends such as an eye-catching gold belcher bracelet or a diamond ring. If you want to stand out from the crowd without going OTT, a striking pair of gold hoop earrings will do the trick. 

Consider Your Capsule Wardrobe

Just as you would consider which clothes suit your capsule wardrobe, think about which jewellery pieces will fit right into your everyday style.

 Are you someone who loves to go ‘out out’, dress up and feel fabulous, or do you prefer an understated everyday look? In order for jewellery to be truly timeless, you’ll need to choose pieces that you’ll wear regularly. A stand-out gold pendant might look great on a night out but, if you’ll rarely wear it, you could be better off investing in a more understated piece that you can wear every day. 

 If you’re someone who loves wearing bold block colours or patterned prints, think carefully about which pieces of jewellery will match with your clothing style. Colourful gemstones might appeal to you, but they could clash with the majority of your outfits! Similarly, if monochrome is your thing then why not jazz up your look with a sparkling diamond piece?

Find The Right Match

A timeless gold jewellery collection is just that - a collection. Don’t buy a jumble of high-end jewellery pieces that won’t work together. Whether you go for classic diamond earrings paired with a classy gold necklace or you opt for a hip-hop style full of gold chains and bling rings, select pieces of jewellery that will look great as a whole ensemble. 

It’s likely you’ll wear pieces that look great together, so try and invest in jewellery that works with the rest of your wardrobe rather than one-off snazzy pieces that won’t complete your overall look. 

Where To Buy Timeless Gold Jewellery

If you’re investing in quality pieces of jewellery, make sure you choose a reputable jeweller. A fine jewellery specialist has the right knowledge and craftsmanship to create high-quality, stunning pieces complete with reassurances such as a UK hallmark, insurance valuation and certificate of authenticity. This will give you total peace of mind when buying timeless jewellery

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