Your holiday jewellery is sure to be the last finishing touch of your outfit and should be planned down to perfection, whether you’re heading to catch the last of the winter sun, catching a flight for a winter wonderland city break or hitting the slopes in January. From sparkling diamonds to gorgeous gemstone jewellery, the opportunities for adding a little extra glam to your outfit this season are endless. 

In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the best jewellery pieces for your winter break and some top tips for travelling with jewellery.

The Best Holiday Jewellery For Winter Breaks

No matter where you're heading this winter season, make sure you travel in style with jewellery fit for the occasion. Take a look at our top styles for the season below. 

Sparkle On The Slopes This Winter

Sparkle your way into the season with diamond jewellery. Diamond earrings are a great way to add a subtle and sophisticated sparkle to an all-black outfit in the winter. Make the most of your roll neck jumpers with diamond stud earrings or get your evening wear on with diamond drop earrings. Pair your earrings with a matching diamond necklace to really make a statement.

Wrapped In Rubies

Gemstones are the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit while adding a bit of colour to your winter wardrobe. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires have a deep, luxurious finish that is a great option for winter getaways. If you truly want to make an impact, some colour-clashing combos such as a red dress with emerald gemstone jewellery are a great way to capture some Christmas spirit. 

5 Gold Rings

A statement gold ring is the perfect option for a winter getaway. Not only is gold a versatile option that will match any of your holiday outfits, but it is also a warm and rich colour that emphasises the Christmas spirit while sparkling in the sun. From men's signet rings to keeper rings, make a statement whether you’re heading to a black tie event or catching some winter rays around the pool. 

I’m Dreaming Of A Pearly White Christmas

Irredecent pearls are a great way to add a little something extra to your holiday outfits this winter season. Have a true Breakfast at Tiffany’s moment with a string of white pearls around your neck on your city break this winter. Pearls make a great addition to a little black dress or roll-neck jumper, stay stylish and cosy this winter holiday. 

Hatton Jewellers Top Tips For Travelling With Jewellery

When you’re heading away on holiday you want to have a stress-free and relaxing experience. From the minute you pack your suitcase to getting off that plane and enjoying your holiday, ensure that your jewellery is safe and protected with Hatton Jewellers' top tips. 

Always Get Your Jewellery Insured

A holiday should be stress-free and in order to keep it that way ensuring your precious jewellery is insured is a must! If you already have insurance on your jewellery, make sure you double-check your policy regarding what is covered as each policy is different. 

To find out more, check out our blog which gives you all our top tips on how to insure your jewellery

Pack Your Jewellery With Care 

When packing a suitcase, gold chains easily get tangled and small stud earrings can get lost among other belongings, that is why you should always take extra care when packing your jewellery to head on holiday. From leather wraps to travel jewellery boxes and even some homemade packing hacks, there are several tips and tricks to avoid your jewellery being tangled or ruined. 

To find out more about our holiday jewellery packing tips and tricks, check out our blog on clever ways to pack your jewellery when travelling abroad. 

What To Avoid When Wearing Your Jewellery Abroad

The last thing you want to do when heading abroad is to damage or dull your jewellery. Products like suncream can dull your jewellery’s sparkle, so it’s best to ensure it has fully absorbed into the skin before putting any jewellery on to help reduce the build-up. 

Chlorine and salt water can also have adverse effects on your precious pieces, causing damage such as eroding, damage or discolouring of the gemstones and metals. 

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