Iced out jewellery has become synonymous with stylish rappers, with the most expensive chains worn by artists such as Soulja Boy and Rick Ross. As a result, this type of drip is commonly referred to as hip hop jewellery. And while this jewellery is available in bracelets, grillz and rings, a pendant is the ultimate iced out piece. Iced out pendants are encrusted in gemstones, giving them that dazzling, eye-catching appearance. But what if you don’t have a rapper’s budget for a custom-made, 10-carat diamond design? The good news is you can find more affordable cubic zirconia pendants that have all the shine you crave. In this blog post, we highlight seven types of iced out pendants that you need to own.  

Jesus and Crosses

Men’s diamond cross pendants are popular with the likes of Jay Z, Flo Rida and LL Cool J, which has transformed these spiritual symbols into signature pieces of streetwear. When it comes to iced out deities, the most sought after style is the 3D Jesus Piece pendant, with rappers from The Game to Kanye West wearing their diamond studded versions. Here at Hatton Jewellers, our 9ct gold equivalent is packed with cubic zirconias and we’ve used a round brilliant cut to ensure that your new pendant is the star of the show. Iced Out Jesus Piece Pendant - Hatton Jewellers  

Words and Phrases

Many hip hop artists have chosen to make real statements with their iced out pendants. In fact, they’ve let their neckwear speak for them by selecting words rather than symbols. For example, there’s T-Pain’s ridiculous piece that reads ‘Big Ass Chain’ and cost over $400,000, as well as Lil Jon’s ‘Crunk Ain’t Dead’ that set him back $500,000.  If this is the style you want to showcase, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t need this kind of budget to own a piece of bling. You can take your pick from our 3D MONEY or SELF MADE pendants, both of which are made from 9ct yellow gold, feature shining cubic zirconia stones and come with a certificate of authenticity.  Iced Out Money Pendant - Hatton Jewellers  

Angels and Cherubs

Angels and cherubs have a long history and have been portrayed as protectors throughout the centuries. This is an association that has made these figures a popular jewellery choice, especially with rappers. Gucci Mane has often been seen wearing his praying cherub pendant, while Waka Flocka Flame owns several diamond covered angels.  Here at Hatton Jewellers, we’ve got a couple of cherubs for you to choose from. To make a real statement, you could go for a cherub medallion complete with an iced out cuban link border. While our 3D cherub pendant will help you copy the style of your ultimate hip hop icon.  Iced Out Cherub Pendant - Hatton Jewellers  

Dollars and Pounds

What better way to channel your inner wealthy rapper than by sporting a dollar or pound sign around your neck? While Mike Jones and Pharrell can spend a cool $1m on a single piece of bling, you can stay ambitious and aim high with a more affordable pound sign pendant. If you’re looking for a piece of hip hop jewellery with some colour, our pound sign iced out pendant is studded with round brilliant cut red and white cubic zirconias. It’s also crafted from solid 9ct gold, so it’s sure to add swag to any outfit.  Iced Out Pound Sign Pendant - Hatton Jewellers  


Rappers love to buy bespoke neckwear featuring their favourite characters and cartoons. From Soulja Boy’s chain of Mario to Tyga’s Garfield piece, as well as Waka Flocka Flame’s Fozzie Bear and Quavo’s Ratatouille, it’s hard to find a hip hop artist who doesn’t own an iced out film, TV or gaming character.  Tekashi 69 dropped a cool $80,000 dollars on his diamond Jigsaw design but you can copy his distinctive style with our more moderately priced Jigsaw pendant. We’ve created this piece with white and black cubic zirconias, then added the finishing touches using red enamel.  Iced Out Jigsaw Pendant - Hatton Jewellers  


From the lion chain seen on Snoop Lion to the many owl designs owned by Drake, iced out animals are another style commonly worn by rappers. These can often weigh several lbs, contain diamonds as well as an assortment of precious gemstones, and cost hundreds of thousands of pounds to purchase. If you’re looking for an animal pendant then you can find your perfect piece in our iced out collection. This includes our 9ct yellow gold lion pendant, a 3D lion head that has been studded with micro pavé cubic zirconias. Iced Out Gold Lion Pendant - Hatton Jewellers  

Hamsa Hands

A hamsa hand is an ancient amulet that symbolises protection and is said to ward off evil. What’s more, a hamsa hand is believed to promote the success, health and happiness of the wearer. These associations have made this sign popular with a range of jewellery types including bracelets and necklaces. For that hip hop look, grab your belcher chain and pair it with one of our hamsa hand pendants. Here at Hatton Jewellers, you can choose from our simple yet sparkly 3D hamsa hand or opt for our yellow gold hamsa hand with an evil eye design. Iced Out Hamsa Hand Pendant - Hatton Jewellers   Whether you want a gold Jesus cross necklace or an angel piece, you really can’t go wrong with an iced out pendant. How will you be replicating the style of your favourite rapper? We’d love to know! Why not tell us on Instagram or Facebook?