When it comes to jewellery, luxury watches have long been a desirable accessory for all ages and genders. From ladies’ watches with classic gold detailing to men’s watches in modern steel designs, they’re one of the most versatile accessories, adding that perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

While many people have switched their old fashioned dials in favour of digital displays, the traditional timepiece is undoubtedly making a comeback. In fact, vintage watches have become far more sought-after in recent years and not just with collectors or enthusiasts. But why is this?

In this blog post, we explore the reasons why vintage watches are rising in popularity. 


The Simplicity

In a world where you can get instant news updates and constant social media notifications, it’s the simplicity of vintage that’s so appealing. While smartwatches are packed with functions that can alert you to messages or monitor your quality of sleep, a vintage model only has one purpose: to tell the time. 

These vintage watches also tend to be quite simple in design, with a charm that will outlive transient fashion trends. This means there’ll be no need to replace your beloved timepiece when the next model comes out, so you can enjoy wearing it for years to come!


The Investment

Buying a new watch can be expensive. What’s more, unless you plan on purchasing a limited edition model from a highly-collectable brand, it’s likely to depreciate in value. On the other hand, buying a vintage timepiece can be a smart financial move, making it a popular option for collectors and investors alike.

In theory, the longer you own a second-hand watch, the more valuable and collectable it will become. Particularly if you make an effort to keep your watch in good condition. This is because jewellery wasn’t as widely mass-manufactured in the past, so vintage models are likely to become rarer as they age. 


The History

Another reason to choose a used watch is the history that it carries. Depending on its age and how well it’s been looked after by its previous owners, you can often find second-hand models that come with their original paperwork and boxes. 

This means that not only can you give an old watch a new lease on life, but you can enjoy wearing it knowing that you’re continuing its story and adding to its history, too.


The Charm

Unless it’s been kept in the box, finding a vintage watch in mint condition can be difficult. However, far from being a drawback, this only makes them more popular with many buyers. After all, it means your wristwear has more charm and authenticity!

When shopping for a second-hand watch, don’t be put off by little flaws. From personal engravings and dated inscriptions to age spots and small scuffs, these minor imperfections can add character. 


The Uniqueness

Because of its age and history, when you choose a vintage watch, you’ll be hard pushed to spot someone else wearing the same model. This uniqueness carries a lot of appeal for people who like unique jewellery or enjoy standing out from the crowd.

While you can find modern replicas emulating vintage styles, there’s nothing quite like owning the original thing. In fact, second-hand watches are an authentic way to showcase your own personal style and tastes!


The Price

If you have the budget then why not invest in a pricey and collectable vintage timepiece? That being said, older watches can still be budget-friendly. This is especially true when compared to a brand-new model, as the price you pay can be significantly higher. 

One of the main reasons for this is that the used market is still rising in popularity, so regardless of what you’re looking for, there’s usually some bargains to be had! Price is also a key reason why second-hand jewellery has become more sought-after in recent years.


The Quality

It’s often said that older means better quality and this is certainly part of the appeal of vintage watches. Depending on its age, the timepiece may have been produced in smaller numbers or even hand-crafted by the watchmaker.

That being said, the quality of second-hand wristwear comes down to more than the materials or production process. How well it’s been cared for and how often it’s been serviced will also impact its overall quality.

From their uniqueness and charm to their price and investment potential, there are many reasons why vintage watches are becoming more popular. Of course, as with any luxury market there are bound to be counterfeit products, so we always recommend to do your research and speak to an expert if you’re unsure about the product that you’re buying.

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