2022 has been an amazing year for jewellery with colourful gemstones, white gold and statement rings all being at the forefront of popular trends. Fashionable jewellery changes regularly, though, so as we look forward to 2023 we’re going to predict what we expect to be the most sought-after pieces.

Trends We Expect To See In 2023

It can be difficult to predict the exact piece which we’ll see rise in popularity. After all, it only takes a huge name in hip-hop or a red carpet event to take a piece of jewellery from unknown status to the most popular piece that year!


One thing we can predict for sure is that diamonds will be in! Well, diamonds are always in due to their versatility and compatibility with other colours of gemstones and gold. Whilst iced out pieces will always have their place, we’re expecting to see a surge in shaped diamond engagement rings! Oval cut and emerald cut diamonds really stand out as a solo stone on an engagement ring and can make a piece look truly special.

Yellow gold

Traditionally yellow gold has seen its white and rose-coloured variations skyrocket in popularity at various points across the last decade. One thing we can count on though is that yellow gold will never go out of fashion. Whether it’s a heavy chain or a beautiful gold ring, yellow gold has a vintage feel which will allow you to add a classic touch to your fit. 

Stacked Bracelets 

A minimalistic look can look great, especially for more formal occasions but if you’re looking to stay on trend in 2023, we’d recommend investing in solid gold bracelets which you can stack. A variety of chunky, thin and medium-thickness bracelets and bangles can together create a luxurious style. Don’t be afraid to get creative, now is your time to go all out with your favourite wrist-wear jewellery.

Our New Store

We can’t reveal too much about this one just yet but we are excited to announce that we will have a new store opening in 2023! We’re looking forward to being able to give our customers a new location to meet our experts in person and browse the range of jewellery we have on offer.

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