Gold jewellery has long been a symbol of wealth, status and an effortless way of elevating your favourite outfits. Whether you’re buying a solid gold chain or gold ring to catch eyes or simply accessorise, you’re also making a wise investment. Gold jewellery is a popular choice for many investors due to its low volatility and tendency to increase in value over time.

But what else do you get from gold jewellery? For those who don’t want to invest in gold only to keep it stored away under lock and key, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy your investment - here’s just a few.


1. Increasing Value

First of all, let’s look at why gold is potentially a good way to spend your money. Well, it’s been noted that prices of gold rise over time, especially during times of economic uncertainty, meaning that precious gold necklaces and earrings can be a good option. A healthy stash of solid gold jewellery could retain its value, so make sure you take good care of your gold collection - that means storing your gold jewellery properly too!


2. Precious metal

Rolling the clock back through the ages, you’ll notice that gold has been used as a main component of jewellery for decades… centuries, even! This is due to the fantastic properties of gold as a metal. Not only is it incredibly malleable in its purest form, allowing for easy sculpting into stunning accessories, but it's also highly resistant to corrosion and decay. 

The fact that gold behaves this way makes it a more popular option than silver, for example, which can tarnish in some environments. The versatility of gold also means that it can be alloyed to increase durability, making it perfect for everyday-wear jewellery.


3. Status Symbol

Following in the footsteps of historical figures such as Tutankhamun, hip-hop artists such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent have brought extravagant gold jewellery into the modern era. The subject of not only many songs, but the centrepiece of many ice-cold drips too, gold jewellery has become a symbol of the genre. 

It’s not just rappers who flaunt their gold jewellery, though. Diamond-encrusted gold pieces are also known as a symbol of wealth and, often, royalty. So, when you’ve made a wise investment into a stand-out gold bangle, you can parade it around like you’re next in line to the throne.


4. Stylish Accessory

Investing in gold jewellery doesn’t mean you have to keep it squirrelled away in a box or permanently attached to a jewellery stand. When investing a considerable amount of money, you want to be able to take full advantage of your choice in gold accessories. The more you invest, the more you stand to gain and the more extravagant your chosen gold jewellery piece can be.

Whether it’s the statement piece of a night-out ‘fit or the finishing touch to your day-to-day wear, don’t be afraid to don your investment. This is something worth bearing in mind when investing in gold - how will it look when you’re styling your next outfit?


5. Choice of carat

Investing in gold isn’t as simple as just buying a piece of gold jewellery. As gold pieces are made in different carats, you have much more control over the amount of gold content you wish to buy, and as a result, the money you’re looking to spend.

The carat is determined by the amount of gold which features in the piece in relation to the alloy metal used. For example, 18ct gold is 75% pure gold and 25% alloy. This is also how the different types of rose and white gold are made, by using different alloy metals to produce a different colour.


Invest with Hatton Jewellers

Now that you know what to consider when looking for a piece of gold jewellery to invest in, why not browse our selection? At Hatton Jewellers, we have a wide range of pieces to suit every style, from bold men’s jewellery to extravagant women’s pieces. We also provide a certificate of authenticity alongside your UK hallmark stamped gold piece to ensure you get the full value of its worth when you choose to sell the piece.

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