Picture this – it’s the morning after the best day of your life (so far, anyway). You wake up next to the love of your life, ready to start the next chapter of your lives together. You roll out of bed and open the curtains to see the sun shining and hear the sounds of birds tweeting. Life couldn’t get much better surely? Well, that is until you remember that today’s also the day you jet off for a new adventure on the other side of the world to kickstart your honeymoon. All those months of saving money and making sacrifices will be worth it – the holiday of a lifetime with no limits. Of course, saving up for a honeymoon with no limits can often be harder than it sounds. But it’s far from impossible! In this blog post, we highlight 7 things that you can do to save money for your honeymoon.  

Choose Your Dates Wisely

Most couples try to start their honeymoon as soon after their wedding as possible. However, if you’re looking to save money this may not always be the best thing to do. Visiting a destination outside of peak season could mean that you save almost half the price on flights and hotels. It’s important to do your research though – destinations like the Caribbean can be significantly cheaper during June-November but only because this happens to be monsoon season, therefore you’d be wise to avoid visiting at this time of year. Even if you’re forced to travel during peak season, it really helps to be flexible with your dates. Flight prices can vary massively from day-to-day, so having a look at various dates around the time that you’d like to travel could lead to huge savings. For example, we found return flights from London Heathrow to Montego Bay for £801, but changing the dates by just 1-day led to savings of more than £250.  

Skip The Little Things

Do you often pick up a coffee on the way to work in a morning? Maybe you like to get a haircut every weekend? Or do you always go out for a few drinks with your mates on a Friday night? Whatever it is that you consider to be one of the “little things”, ask yourself whether you really need to do it today, or could you sacrifice it for some more spending money on the honeymoon of a lifetime? Before you know it, you will have saved over £100 in the space of two months simply from not picking up that morning coffee. These little things really do add up.  

Use A Rewards Credit Card

Planning to pay for your wedding using a credit card? If so, we’d recommend finding a credit card that offers reward points each time you make a purchase. With weddings costing so much money nowadays, you’ll be able to stack up an incredible amount of reward points that can be traded for flight tickets, car rentals, hotel rooms and so on. Have a look around at some of the different cards on the market and you should be able to find something with rewards that are right up your street.  

Eat At Home

How many times do you eat out at a restaurant or order a takeaway each week? How about nipping to the local café at lunch or before work? (Be warned, this number might surprise you.) If you’re new to cooking, we’d recommend checking out the BBC Food Recipes website for some inspiration. From here, make a note of some of your favourite recipes, or even put together a full meal plan for the next few weeks, to help remove some of the stress of having to cook for yourself every night. Make sure to cook more than you expect to eat too – any leftovers can be kept for lunch the next day to help you get even closer to your honeymoon savings goal.  

Shout About It!

This is one of the simplest saving techniques on this list, but it really does work wonders. Whenever you go to buy something as part of your honeymoon, make sure to tell them that you’re on your honeymoon. And then tell them again just to make sure they heard you the first time! Whether you’re checking in at your hotel, making a reservation at a restaurant, or even checking in your luggage, it’s worth letting them know. At the very least, you should get a complimentary glass of wine, but if you’re lucky you may walk out with an upgrade or even a free meal.  

Save On Your Wedding

One of the easiest but most overlooked ways to save money on your honeymoon is to cut back on your wedding. Of course, similarly to honeymoons, many couples don’t want to compromise on anything for their wedding day, but it really can be worth it. If your venue is charging £100 per head then cutting just 10 people from your guestlist will result in savings of a whopping £1,000. There are plenty of other ways to save money on your wedding without compromising on quality too, from getting married on a weekday to buying a second hand engagement ring.  


Last but certainly not least – prioritise! Whilst the other tips on this list should be enough to save you a sufficient amount of money, it’s always good to prioritise things just in case. It’s likely that you and your partner will have your own individual lists of things that you want to do on your honeymoon. With this in mind, we’d recommend that you both make separate lists of things that you ‘need’, ‘want’ and ‘like’ for your honeymoon. This could be anything from visiting a beach or trying skydiving to securing first-class flights or staying at a 5-star hotel.   As you can see, there are plenty of ways to save money on your honeymoon whilst still being able to experience the luxury that your heart desires. All those months of sticking to your rules and saving money will be completely worth it. We guarantee you’ll never look back! Do you have any other tips or tricks on how to save money on a honeymoon? We’d love to hear them! Why not let us know on Facebook or Instagram?