When it comes to Christenings, it’s considered good etiquette to bring a gift for the child. Of course, with most children getting baptised before they reach one month of age, it can often prove difficult to find an appropriate gift.

Popular Christening gifts typically include clothes, blankets and toys, however, with a child growing so fast at that young age, these gifts rarely stand the test of time. Jewellery is another popular gift that can be used by the child for years to come; particularly any types of jewellery that carry a symbolic meaning.

In this blog, we take a look at some of the best children's jewellery gifts for a Christening.


Christening Bangle

Bangles make a great gift option for newly-baptised children, often featuring an engraving with the child’s name and the date of their Christening. This touch of personalisation offers a gift that the child can keep for the rest of their life; even when they outgrow the bangle, the sentimental value of this gift will be enough for them to treasure it forever.


Cross Necklace

Cross and crucifix necklaces are by far some of the most popular gifts for Christenings, mainly due to their religious significance. These necklaces are typically worn to indicate a commitment to Christianity and to protect the wearer from evil. This gift also gives you a lot of options to choose from; as such a popular piece of jewellery, cross necklaces come in a wide variety of different styles and designs. In addition, it’s a lot more difficult to outgrow a necklace than it is a bangle, ring or most other pieces of jewellery. Even when this time comes, you can simply swap the crucifix pendant to a different chain or necklace.


St. Christopher Necklace

St. Christopher necklaces are another popular Christening gift that hold great religious significance. Arguably one of the most well-known religious figures in the world, Saint Christopher was a martyr killed during the reign of Roman Emperor Decius in the 3rd century. The story of Saint Christopher varies between different branches of Christianity, but it is generally believed that he helped Christ across a dangerous river. 

Nowadays, people remember Saint Christopher by wearing St. Christopher necklaces and pendants to give them protection throughout their travels and to show devotion to Christianity. With this in mind, St. Christopher necklaces make a great gift for newly-baptised children.


Birthstone Necklace

Finally, birthstone necklaces may have less religious significance than some of the other gifts on this list, but they still make a great option as a Christening gift. In summary, birthstones are 12 gemstones that are associated with ancient mythology and the signs of the zodiac, with a different birthstone assigned to each month of the calendar year. It’s thought that wearing the stone of your birth month will bring good luck, amongst many other benefits that are unique to each stone. For example, if the child getting baptised was born in August then you could buy them a beautiful peridot gemstone cross necklace.


As you can see, jewellery makes a great option for Christening gifts. If you have a limited budget then why not even buy a piece of second hand jewellery for the newly-baptised child? This has become increasingly popular as a way to make your budget stretch further without sacrificing quality.

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